Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Wishes to Everyone! Bonus Caption Inside!

I hope all your Halloween wishes come true this year! Don't let anything stand in your way!

Had some time last night to whip up a digital goodie for all my friends, fans, and freaks. Just entered "trick or treaters" and pulled some images up that I thought would work. Had this one that gave me a warm heart and I wanted to share it with you.

No matter what we go through in our lives, I hope to never lose my imagination. It feels like adulthood does everything it can to make us pragmatic and bottom-line obsessed. We all need to escape reality from time to time, and we all have coping mechanisms to make it happen. This is one of mine, and it usually brings me much joy to share my artistic bent with you here, knowing we have a commonality among others.

Also, never lose your childhood curiosity and try to look at everything through different eyes. That perspective is becoming a lost art. Children can see artifice and question it, even when it is essentially harmless, a social affectation. Their honesty often isn't in calling what someone does fake .. it is questioning WHY the illusion is allowed. It is why that society now needs to make sure it stays on the side of 'open and affirming' instead of close-minded bigotry as we accept others on their own level of being.

And since I had a bunch of pictures up, I found another that I thought fit Olivia Lovely quite well, so I went and captioned that one too! There is a bit more to this one than the last, but I thought it was fun to balance the innocence of the former husband with the naughtiness of the current "Mommy" that perhaps will be giving lovely Libby a new brother or sister to dress up for next Halloween!

Please enjoy the captions and I sincerely wish you had the bestest Halloween season you could .. filled with family and friends, and the joy of living out some fantasies, whether real or imaginary.

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  1. Two great captions, Halloween is not so much of a thing here in the UK. I did not get any trick or treaters visit, S o i am eating all the treats myself. Must admit to feeling a bit queasy, that well teach me.