Monday, October 30, 2017

Enjoying the Weekend .. Dee Sets the Agenda!

Might have posted this on Sunday night, but things conspired against me! Film at 11!

I had planned on setting up a post on Sunday night when I'd still be in the upper reaches of New England, but .. I cannot find my main tablet .. it just sort of disappeared without a reason. I am sure that I'll find it somewhere in the house, but it had just vanished. It's the only one I trust to post inappropriate material with .. its been battened down and VPNed and such that running incognito isn't an issue. I have a few backup tablets, but in general I do NOT trust Amazon to keep my personal information private and non-monetized, and Silk is just a horrible web browser. The Kindle even tried to thwart efforts to put Chrome browser on it. So I made the executive decision to just leave be and have fun traveling without worry.

Of course, much of where I stayed this weekend is without power and/or flooded at the moment. In the course of deciding to head back home early this morning, instead of arriving back here late in the evening, we lucked out in that the hotel must have had generators and such. Luckily for us, we had some cheese and crackers left over from our snack bin and cooler, and grabbed some drinks from a gas station that was working (filled up the tank too which ended up being a smart decision!) as we didn't seem to hit any towns with power for the first 2 hours of driving. That included places like McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts and even stop lights!

I must say that riding out a storm in a luxury hotel with a view of the waterfront was a much better experience than many of my local friends back home .. as I read while checking Facebook a few minutes ago! A saline swimming pool and jacuzzi is nothing to sneeze at! I recommend it to all my rich amigos and amigas .. and take me with you!

So about this caption. The picture is from one of those photo services that is usually protected by watermarks. Saw it on a website and thought it would be fun to do a TG caption for a really professional stock shot. Nothing particularly special about the plot, just my standard swap of position and details. I am not really sure if it was by Dee's design or just something accidental, but probably Apple's fault. Do you think Dee planned it, or was it just the whims of captioning fate?

.. and jeez! I put up a foot-job caption the other day and only get one comment! sheesh!

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  1. I am working lates and am so far behind on my viewing pleasure i well have to go back to get the foot job. My computer is not locked down at all. i hate to think what they know about me. I do like to put in weird google searches in the hope of confusing the system.
    Grannies jelly motorcycle, I like to think they have an algorithm with a headache.
    I always go with the evil secretary in captions so i well take that sub plot.