Thursday, June 22, 2017

Is There Anything that Nature Can't Do?

Why focus on "the why or how" this caption happened and just revel in the "now" of it.

I could make a case of wanting the "now" to never end!

Made this one for Wendy about a month ago, and I usually get to break out the earthy Wiccan me that only really exists when I participate in the calling of the corners during a ritual, like yesterday night aka Summer Solstice. Real me is quite allergic to nature, so while I truly appreciate it, I try to stay away from it as much as possible when I'm not doped to the gills with antihistamines. Trust me, I do like hiking and camping, but I am much better at it in the fall and winter.

So, did Wendy like this caption?
Oh Dee, you darling girl. You understand me! My inner girly sings this song every day. Running through the grass and the meadow absorbing mother nature's healing and feminine energy. Love the 'top up' concept needed regularly and the use of the phrase skyclad, so earthy and natural. The perfect Wendy caption, thank you dear friend.
I think she did!

Olivia liked the process as well: "Interesting transformation method with the need to re-up one's femininity! I hope Gaia leaves her full bodied and bouncing through the brush!"

As for that process and the term skyclad, I will refer to what I said in the comments.
Ummm, I kind of got that concept as a cross between photosynthesis and video games. I think I've used it a few times throughout the years. Seems like a good idea, doesn't it? 
I've always used the term skyclad because I have roots in paganism and Wicca, and it sounds so much more classy than naked and nude.
I think that mostly wraps up things on this caption. It also wraps up most of my previously unreleased captions for the blog. There are a few in the old style that haven't been completed yet, and hopefully I can tackle them, but other than that, I'm up to date! I better start creating again soon, eh?

That being said, postings might be a bit more sporadic here through to the 5th of July. I mean, everything COULD stay the same, but I'm betting it won't be. A family member of my GF's passed away today, and along with that, we have some vacation time, my birthday, and the long weekend leading to the Fourth of July. Add in a friend that is finally starting up a side business that I said I would help out with (I thought this was supposed to happen LAST YEAR!) I should be quite busy!


  1. So MR Mentia that was why you were running around theses parts butt naked?
    Erm. Yes officer.

  2. Delicia,queria rolar com você nus neste campo,que tesão bela,beijos...