Sunday, June 25, 2017

Kidnapped and Drugged .. Compliance Becomes You!

The webs we weave in order to deceive .. or is that "to Dee-sieve" ??? Hint: It's both!

Please read the caption first as I discuss something in it that I barely ever do in caption format!

Made this for Vypress who didn't mind light bondage, and mind control / brainwashing, so honestly that is where my brain was heading when I found this photo. please read the caption first, as this next part was in a "spoiler" format on the original post!
At first it seems like 2 guys taking care of a bully ..
Hmmm, I'm not sure I've ever used feminization drugs as a way to make someone submit to me in caption form .. Real life, all the time! LOL 
Why have a woman submit to me, or a man .. when you can have both, as the same person? I can use one against the other in the battle for control. Perhaps being a slutty woman is addictive, or a punishment that ends up being craved, or something else entirely. My mind is actually spinning in a few directions now. If ever I was to write a longer story for publication, this plot might be the one I'd do. 
Something also tells me those two minions of mine are going to end up with some feminine issues too in the future!
Yes,. definitely one of the goons knows WAY too much about me and what I do. I would imagine that a drug that turns a guy into a gorgeous woman, with just slight modifications in perception, along with positive reinforcements, especially sexually, could get anyone addicted to its charm. Then playing the masculine ideal vs the obviously better new form with some humiliation and you'll have them submitting to your every whim in no time. Why hasn't Simone (or Ann Michelle) done this before, or maybe they have and I just didn't read it?

And Zoey (Vypress) totally understood what I meant as well. Her response was, ".. I feel the drugs could at first be used as a punishment but the more they are used the more they get switched to becoming a reward, with stronger doses that last longer slowly becoming more prevalent."

The male and female personae could definitely be fighting for supremacy, with the woman side gaining the upper hand, even while giving up control in real life, she'll remain there to keep his masculine side bound and embarrassed to be a slave to his own feminine mind.

Yeah, I was on a bit of a power trip recently, eh? When I get like this, I have much more trouble writing captions, but the ones that do dribble out tend to be darker, and this one put me in this place. Oddly enough, i don't think this caption itself is THAT dark, well the implications are there, but you have to read the context more so than have it hit you on the head. We shall see if anything darker comes out or if I can get back to the lighter, more productive Dee!

So was it the right level of evil, too much or too little?

I will be back when I can. Got things to do as mentioned in the previous posts. DFTBA!

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  1. Oooh, now that's a drug I'd be happily addicted to!