Saturday, May 27, 2017

Making Our Projects Fail-Proof! It Certainly Worked!

It's guaranteed to give you perfect results .. whether you want them or not!

Saw the picture on-line and immediately knew it was for Ron and pretty much had the entire story plotted out as well. Just needed to get it done and posted, around 1 AM Friday night.

In case people were wondering, Ron grabbed the wrong presentation on his way out the door. The spell took care of the rest!

I'll be traveling all around the area over the next day or two. The GF and I have a significant anniversary on Sunday and we are also celebrating my dad's big round birthday number. We are going to do some shopping and site-seeing, visit some relatives and maybe even have time to chill out .. nah that likely won't happen! I hope everyone in the US is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend, and those in other countries are enjoying their weekend too!

There should be a posting on Sunday night too! Feel free to comment on this caption. For a discussion question, if you could go anywhere on vacation .. as a woman ., where would you go and why did you pick that place? If you want, you can have your significant other switch genders too or they could remain in their current form. I'm interested in seeing responses!


  1. I think i would pick the south of France. Lovely beaches for the bikini or topless. And in the evening off to a casino making sure to wear a sexy evening dress.

  2. As a woman... I'd probably vacation the same way I did in the past. I would like to go to Scotland again, driving via Loch Lomond to Oban. Then past Fort William to Loch Ness. I can imagine the big floppy hat (held down 'gainst the wind) and the trousers, skirts and dresses that would suit the places well. Flats for walking but heels on an evening for a meal down the local public house.

    As for the cap, always nice to see the mix-up one, but I am left wondering how Dee got on afterwards, sounds pretty scary.

    That's a point... how WOULD people react to different plumbing? Most of the descriptions I've read in captions and the more thoughtful fiction tend to focus not so much on the sensations as they do on the outward feelings (using touch) of the situation. IS there any way of accurately looking at how it would FEEL and what that might mean? Have I just missed the good treatments of it? Probably.