Thursday, May 25, 2017

Where in the World is .. Damien McQue?!?

This was originally supposed to be my return caption from sabbatical. Read about it's fall from grace!

I had made this caption around the time I decided to have a sabbatical, as I really needed time off to think about what I wanted to do with this blog. Not sure people realize how serious I was about ending it, or at least suspending it through to the summer. The amount of people I cared about here dropping off the face of the earth, Rachel's long term diagnosis, comments and views screeching to a halt, family issues, second job getting to be more work than anticipated, etc ...

So I figured, well, I need something to post when I do come back, so why not work on something now? The Russian hacking scandal was beginning, and there was the debate over whether Manning should have been released, Snowden giving his 2 cents worth from Russia, and various Wikileaks new stories were out there too. Why not do something with that especially with this striking picture .. a blue hat, which is way different from the color "hats' that hackers where to denote their nature.

Plus, the model was sitting on a friggin' park bench. How could I NOT use this in a caption?!?

So I wrote it up, figuring if/when I make my official return I can post this and then get back to business. But of course, you really should never make huge plans as they are often likely to be changed. When Photoshop went vamoose on my computer, I had to update to a much newer version. I ended up playing with it / experimenting so I could learn it quicker, and if that was the case .. why not make captions, even if you aren't ready to come back to the blogging grind?

I did, and those captions were coming out much better than when I was bogged down at the beginning of the year. Who wanted to read lesser stuff when I've got better material already available to post? This one is still pretty good, and honestly, might have been the best I produced at the time, but I like my new captions much more than these. Luckily I was able to give out some of the older ones as giveaways (I will have a few more coming!) and I'll double up posts here and there to make sure I have almost everything I've done posted on the blog in case something happens to the Haven.

And for those that weren't following .. Damien is also the woman in the blue hat .. Duh, right?

This is one of those captions that I started doing in the old photoshop, and then "converted" it into the newer version on my computer. It was an exercise to see how much work it would take to go from one version to another, and it's pretty meh. I think the faces on the models is how I ended up with the idea I used for this caption, which went pretty meta. Has a good message though .. be yourself. Don't be me, as there already is a me. Also, explore being other "yourselves" as well. That can't be boring.

I am going to assume that most people enjoyed the first caption more. If you like slips and pantyhose, you just might like the second one, especially since the other model is unknown, so it could be you!

These are both blog exclusives, so please feel free to talk about either or both. Also, I'm looking for some more TG blogs to view. If you have some new favorites, post them in the comment section. I'm not always a fan of this, but for this post, feel free to self-promote your own TG blog if you want!


  1. Brittany7

    Whatever are you going to do if some nefarious person confiscates all of the benches?

  2. The bench one is superior, I agree, but the second one is good too, for obviously different reasons.

    I did disappear from the blogosphere too and apologise because it coincided with so much bad stuff online and then afterward and... It's good to have you back posting regularly and reading your thoughts.

  3. I also just noticed I said nothing - I love that hat.

    I also love the hat in this video: