Sunday, May 28, 2017

Maybe We Think a Bit Too Much Alike .. Right?

Clean mind = Clean body = Clean living! Come inside to see the dirty mind behind this caption!

Made this for Kate Southerland, and I wanted it to be a bit of a oblivious with compulsions caption but with a different sort of twist to cover for the fact it was going to just be another sloppy guy roommate turns into a sexy woman maid. Well, why not TWO oblivious people with compulsions? More is always better, right?

Seemed like a good idea, and I think it works well here as the plot develops. When doing a caption like this, with some mudding up the waters of deception, it can be hard to keep things clear, so I was glad when Kate posted this as a reply:
Yes...a clever twist. Yes, unique! And you put it together so nicely. I was never unclear about who was talking or who had done what, even though we are, obviously, sooooooo much alike. 
Now, let me finish my coffee before I tackle the bathroom.
Often times it is so much better when I don't have to explain anything! YAY!

Within the next few posts, I will explain how a little bit of editing made a caption seem a whole lot better .. well at least to me and some of the others on the Haven. Just have to get it written up.

Man, did I listen to a lot of metal in the mid to late 80's. I am not even sure how I first came across Pretty Maids, perhaps a metal compilation or a Headbanger's Ball video? I ended up buying a cassette of the Future World album that had this song on it. It was an interesting mix of hair band sensibility with more progressive elements a la Helloween. Quite a blend for a Danish band!

And to prove that some things do get better with age, this is them with a new album in 2016, performing live in 3D!) Glad I looked them up tonight!


  1. I loved this one Dee....the two of them each making the same request was a great switch from the normal "hypnosis made him my maid" type of story!!!
    Thanks Dee....enjoy the holiday!

  2. Ha! That was a cute twist. I loved it.

  3. I liked the double trickery! Fun caption!