Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Shop Teacher That Could Only Count to 20 When Naked!

How many paragraphs can I go without making a "tool" reference? Come inside and see!

Made this one for Ron a few weeks ago as a trade back for a caption he'd made me. Ron likes women in men's clothing among other things, so when I saw this picture, I thought that perhaps he'd like a woman doing stuff that many people consider more of a man's job.

I do think she has safety goggles on top of her head, and she isn't wearing any loose clothing that could get caught in the machinery, so she's pretty good. I'm betting with a female set of equipment between her legs, she uses the power lathe often, crafting some of the best wooden dildos around!

I am pretty meh about this caption too. It serves the photo decently, but really walks the reader through it while holding their hand, at least I think it does. I probably could have done the conversation a bit better, as when my dialog is flat, it tends to underwhelm the caption.

I need more responses from the readers out there, especially to the question I posited Sunday in regards to a posting schedule. The plan last night was to post then, but I really wasn't feeling it, and then all the Manafort / Russia thing started blowing up and that kept my attention away from here.

So here is what I posted Sunday for those who didn't look (and honestly, go back and look at the caption from Sunday if you haven't already .. it's better than this one, I promise!)

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Sunday nights are a given for posting as we go forward. When do you, the readers of this blog, tend to view new TG content on sites such as this one? I notice that activity seems to go down as the week slogs onward, but I don't want to post on twice in 3 days, then be absent for another 3-4 in a row. Do you read these blogs early in the morning, before work? Before or near the supper time hour? Before you get ready for bed? Right now I am leaning towards a Sunday and either Wednesday or Thursday posting schedule (I think I can keep that up without further burn out) but I'd love to get the maximum eyeballs on each article I post. Please answer these questions as best you can .. I need all the information I can generate to try to start moving this forward again.

Also, I still think it was a good source photo. What would YOU have written to go with it?


  1. How about:
    "I hear the wood shop instructor sued the school district and got some kind of huge settlement to spend on reconstructive surgery."
    "Can you really rebuild, you know...that?"
    "I don't know. I'd guess it'd be a lot easier to build functional female genitalia."

  2. Hi I am Norma Abraham, welcome to the New New Yankee Workshop. Its great to be back for this series as I had so many complaints from the last episode when I said that the kitchen counter i built was a perfect gift for any lady.Many thought I implied this was a woman's place in the home. I of course humbly apologize. Today i am going to be building myself a set of stocks, But first lets talk about shop safety. prolonged use of 60 grit sand paper mounted on an orbital sander applied to my testicles....

  3. Great job Dr Psycho and Ian!

    "Mrs. Pinocchio shows how she makes sure her lawyer husband freshens up every morning!"