Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cheer Up, Drew! There's Always Next Year!

A 'Save the Haven' caption. I'm all for raising money to keep Rachel's Haven going. Are you?

I wanted to post this fairly quickly as the deadline is midnight, March 31st.

Frombowtotoe is offering 3 dollars (donated to the Haven) for a trading caption in her folder that fits within her preferences, and 10 dollars (also donated to the Haven) if we use one of the pictures that she has in her photo folder. The offer was posted this morning, and so far, Dawn and I have both contributed a caption towards keeping the Haven afloat. So if you are a captioner on the Haven, please check out the offer in her trading folder. The monetary donation is in lieu of a return caption and make sure you read her preferences closely, as there are a few things she really likes, and a few things you have to stay away from when captioning for her. The preferences are fairly normal though.

As per what I wrote in the post:
Saw this picture and a few ideas came forth, but nothing solid until I started writing it out. I ended up liking the idea of a mother pushing her wants and needs onto her daughter. Cheer moms can be quite brutal. Also, it is a bit of a switch in that usually we have the "guy in the girl's body" be the clumsy one. 
The ending is vague, because I wanted to set it up almost like a Married with Children resolution. Would Drew be forced into a job he hates, but keeps going back because he doesn't really know what else he can do? Plus he wouldn't have to spend the summer in casts and harnesses. Maybe Damien switches them anyway no matter what Drew says. I just think it asks questions that the reader has to answer for themselves. Pinky, Are you pondering what I'm pondering? 
Thank you for helping to save the Haven! I might have another caption or two come down the pike for you. Right now I am supposedly on a bit of a captioning sabbatical but I'll do whatever I can to help keep the Haven afloat!
I ended up making another but I'm not quite sure if I got her preferences quite correct, so I'm a bit apprehensive about posting it so far. I will post it here at some point because I do like it, and it isn't something I make very often. Worst case is that a 3rd character is listed and I made her another of the Haven's caption traders, so at least OliviaLovely would be very happy I'm sure!


  1. Drew was grateful for the work after the loss of his football career but this was his sixth shift and yet another teen female.
    Yes mate
    Why are all the clients you switch me with female. There must be guys who need help as well?
    Erm...Are you sure? wasn't Terri a guy?
    no defiantly a girl. beach volley ball try outs.
    erm.. Oh was that the door bell got to rush.
    Damian Damian,,, i did not here the door bell?...just a minute we are outside too!