Sunday, March 19, 2017

When You Sleepwalk Through Your Day, Don't Trip on Your High Heels!

Hypnosis, hose and heels .. in an office setting? Yeah, it certainly looks like a Dee Mentia caption!

Before my sabbatical started, I knew a few people would probably make captions for me so I had a few contingency captions made up for those I thought would do so. Brittany was definitely one of those traders that I expected to make something while I wasn't active.

Nothing special in the caption, though the picture is quite delicious. Or maybe the caption is decent, but I was in a blah mood when I wrote it, hence the need to to take time off. It just doesn't speak to me like I think it should. No real zing or anything. Your mileage may vary.

For those looking for personal information pertaining to my life, I am currently starting to really clean up and out the apartment .. finally! We've been here over 11 years now and it seems like we are all fucking pack rats. We've gotten the library (technically the smaller and middle part of our double parlor) relatively cleared out so I can start on the walk in closet. Right now we have about 20 or so plastic bins / cardboard boxes that are stacked up and always in danger of falling over. I can probably boil that down to 8 bins plus a bin for Xmas ornaments and the tree.

Once I whittle that down, I am going to build shelves to bear weight so nothing would need to be stacked. This is my big project, as once I can complete this, most of the other issues will become lessened as we'll have more space to move the shit out in the living area into the closet. My L shaped computer desk has 6 bins underneath with a fuckton of useless cables, zip drives, and old tech that also needs to be gone through. .. though I can save that for the summer when I put the A/C units in. Renting a dumpster amongst myself and a few of the other tenants is going to prove to be useful!

Busy hands = busy minds I hope. I'd rather see sawdust than dust from inactivity!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Sunday nights are a given for posting as we go forward. When do you, the readers of this blog, tend to view new TG content on sites such as this one? I notice that activity seems to go down as the week slogs onward, but I don't want to post on twice in 3 days, then be absent for another 3-4 in a row. Do you read these blogs early in the morning, before work? Before or near the supper time hour? Before you get ready for bed? Right now I am leaning towards a Sunday and either Wednesday or Thursday posting schedule (I think I can keep that up without further burn out) but I'd love to get the maximum eyeballs on each article I post. Please answer these questions as best you can .. I need all the information I can generate to try to start moving this forward again.


  1. Ah spring cleaning there must be something in our psyche I have been hard at it as well. I have managed to fill a skip (dumpster) all on my own.
    It seems like quite a straight forward caption maybe lacking that Dee twist. but its a good old fashion caption.
    I am not sure if my viewing preference well help you much. i am on most evenings and if i see a post from you in my blog list i would usually check it out the same day. Sunday i do have more time for viewing but being a few hours ahead of you i probaley would not see an evening post from you until the next day.

    1. Thank you Ian for your reply. Hoping I get some more from my constituency!

      I post Sunday night as it is convenient for me, and that many people seem to read it on Monday morning, either at home or at work. Page view wise, it has always had the most number of eyeballs viewing throughout the week.

  2. I always enjoy a good hypnosis caption, and this is a good hypnosis caption. Like Ian says, lacks the signature twist you can usually supply, but you know the business well.

    As for when I view, increasingly irregularly at the moment. Usually later in the week though if that's any help.