Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The True Spirit (and sport) of Texas .. Cheerleading!

What can I say? It earned the H-A-V-E-N some more money to keep it alive! YAY HAVEN!

I had found this picture in Frombowtotoe's Pinterest folder and I just loved it. I knew there was a story in it, and my job was to just let it out and write it all down. I love when those sorts of things happen, and I wish it would happen more to me lately. This caption was fun for me to make!

As people from the US probably know, cheer-leading is serious in Texas. There have been murders for hire, blackmail, and all sorts of other sordid things happening over spots on the cheer teams. Local football teams and cheer squads are a source of pride throughout that region. In certain cities, the high school might have a bigger football stadium than colleges, and on Friday night, everyone is there to support and honor their youth.

Anyway, that was the basics behind the plot, and how it overwhelmed even the newbies to the area. Think of how easy it would be to be accepted as a transplant if you were able to pick up the local culture and assimilate properly. I'm betting Drew and his son were having a bit of a hard time, but this will ease things considerably. Besides, I'm sure there is a nice single bachelor football coach out there willing to make Coach Dee an honest woman, and keep most of the boys from pestering her girls for dates. At some point, she'll just have that need, and as they say, "Everything is bigger in Texas!"

The deadline for Frombowtotoe's Save the Haven offer is Midnight on March 31, so if you are a captioner that like to make girly, cheerleader, wedding, or other cutesy captions .. drop by the Haven and take a shot at helping keep the lights on there! It's truly a TG community like no other!

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  1. I am not sure why cheer leading never took of in the UK. Our loss. Can you order the uniform online? Just wondered no reason.