Sunday, January 15, 2017

Skipping Out on Your Daughter's Diva Party? Skipping IS the Right Word!

I know that for some people, all that pink and purple and sparkles can be really scary! But is it?

Damn right it can be as scary as hell!

Diva Parties, aka Pampered Parties, or Spa Day is a thing now for tween girls .. where they all have real makeovers and mani-pedis with lots of pink and purple EVERYTHING. I believe they get to keep their robes too at the end of the daym plus a makeup kit as a treat for attending. My daughter's sister just had one a few months ago when she turned twelve. Had that in mind when making this for trade caption for Totalditz.

While this is probably the most maniacal caption I've made involving kids, many of the past ones I've done have been pretty close. Usually though it isn't a child themselves that are doing the TG manipulation, and in this, it's really a revenge motivation. If you don't think kids could think like this, then you haven't seen how vindictive children can be! Not too much though, as to me, it still seems so cartoonish to be taken too seriously/

But while becoming young again can be a recurring fantasy for some, there are still lots of tramatic experiences with being a child/teen and who wants to go through that. as another gender no less, even if you can be prepared for it the second time around.

Then again, it can also be fun, if it is (hopefully) temporary like this one should be. I guess it depends on how many jello-shots Kevin has. I haven't thought about whether it regresses the mind too .. perhaps Kevin's "son" has someone to play dolls and princess with for the next month or so?

On that note, the question becomes .."What happens next once Kevin eats a few jello shots?" Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. Make it as dark or happy as you want it to be. I'll post mine in a day or two here, probably as an update. I'm really interested in seeing how this story would continue from the readers thoughts as this could go so many different ways.

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