Monday, January 16, 2017

Sissy Kaaren's School Daze .. with Dr. Mentia!

Dr. Dee makes health class much more enjoyable that you'd ever imagine it would be!

Sissy Kaaren posted another chapter in my continual quest to understand the sissy mind in therapy sessions that we both enjoy immensely. You can find it if you CLICK HERE. Kaaren certainly has a dee-vious mind so I love reading much of her work, which feels like deconstructed TG captions.

Not only that, but she even posted a hot chick on a bench that would have definitely fit in with my bench series. You can find that one HERE as well. She is definitely on a roll.

Also, please read the caption first so I won't be giving out any spoilers in this discussion.

So much so that I had her in the back of my mind when I saw this photo while looking at pictures for caption inspiration. The model is pretty, yet gender ambiguous in my eyes and wearing something that would look good at a Spring Formal or perhaps a junior prom. I thought to myself, It's Kaaren back in High School! I had the therapy sessions already in mind, and thought .. hmmm another chapter from her book, that I decided to leave out for implications of a naughty nature.

And I figured, why not up the evil doctor quotient up a bit towards the end. Why have ONE sissy for my niece and no fun for me? We can eliminate two 'birds' in British parlance with one well placed hypno trigger. Not only do I love compulsions and being somewhat oblivious to a situation, but figuring out the motivations of someone that had modified you and then getting changed AGAIN when you go to confront them is even sweeter to read.

But how evil could Dr. Mentia be anyway? Perhaps Kaaren was already a sissy beforehand and she truly was helping her come out in a way that people wouldn't ostracize her. Yes, the entire group of boys at the school had "accidentally" been brainwashed somehow into thinking they were girls for awhile, but is that really a bad thing? Or Dr. Mentia was behind everything from the start, including her niece enjoying the pleasures of dominating a sissy boy .. knowing she'd never be treated poorly by one of those boyish brutes pawing at her and wanting her to put out all the time.

But you know me. I'm sure all my intentions were purely for the good of society.

I should be back on Wednesday with the first DIY challenge for 2017. Figured I would give it another shot. Haven't decided on the theme yet, but perhaps a picture or two are tickling my cerebellum at this moment in time so it might be one of those you'll have to use in a caption. Also, to Kaaren, if you want this one more personalized for you and/or your wife, email me with names you'd prefer to have listed. I used Rachel because I belong to the Haven and it fits in with what we do there!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How much would you have wanted this to happen to you in High School, even if it was "accidental" and temporary. Would your town have understood what happened and choose to accept it if ALL the boys thought they were girls for a time? Where would the blame have fallen .., bad water supply, brainwashing by the Russians, Mainstream media and their gay agenda, the CIA / FBI ?!? Would it have been different if all the male TEACHERS were affected instead of the students of the school?


  1. As always I'm flattered Dee!!! It's like being a guest star on my favorite show!!! And thanks for the links too...they bumped up traffic a bit and maybe I'll get some new steady visitors!!!!
    I appreciate the offer of personalizing the post but the house rule is....
    "You can have your silly little blog but no real names, yours or mine, ever!!"
    I've gotten close to breaking that rule a few times and I can tell you the corrections I received weren't any fun at all!!!!
    Thanks again....I'll show this to my wife later today....she's becoming quite a fan of your work!!!

  2. When i was at school it would have been the Russians that did it. I also remember scientist's
    were predicting an ice age soon. Now roll on Erm... some years,,, and the Donald tells us the Russians didn't do it and the scientists are wrong. So everything is just fine and dandy.

  3. Yea for Dr. Mentia as she once again guides males to their true calling.