Friday, January 13, 2017

Lacy and Wife at the Charity Masquerade Ball .. and What Else?

This was the first caption I made in 2017. Hopefully I am off to a good start!

Made this for Lacysliplover, and the poor dear, I am always nipping right at the edge of her preferences. Or as I put it when I posted to her trading folder, "Once again, I push a bit of the envelope, but continue to walk the cliffs of your preferences with a fine tooth comb. Talk about mixing my metaphors like a pig in a poke drifting into a silver lined cloud."

After she said she liked it, I followed up a bit with something that I thought needed to be said.

There's been a few times where I started making you a caption, and then it gets away from me (and your preferences) so I usually turn it into a blog exclusive caption. Guess your prefs bring out the manipulative domme side of me more than I want to admit!

 .. but it's not like you were caught and treated badly. In here, she seems to like it and is certainly playful in pushing your buttons.

Knowing a few sissies/CDers that read my blog, often they've mentioned that they didn't realize their wives had a kinky side (sometimes even the wives didn't know until afterwards) until their secret was out .. which I think is possibly the best way for that to turn out.

I needed to get that out because I'd hate to think I made something that caused the recipient any discomfort in viewing it. In the first paragraph, I mentioned that there have been times (for Lacy and others too) where I started making something and it truly ends up veering off somewhere I didn't expect it to go, and I'd rather make it a blog exclusive than try to shoehorn it into their prefs, or even worse, say FUCK IT, let them deal with it.

I have a good idea where my boundaries are when it comes to kink and fantasies, and they have expanded quite a bit in the last 10 years being online and interacting with others. However, at those edges there is a very thin line that exists, and right as my toe hits it .. I get queasy and agitated .. almost like a panic attack. My brain's reasoning shuts itself down and I cannot step back. There could be a paragraph 1 page further in that could explain away all my apprehensions .. but I'll never even get there to see it .. even if it is fiction.

So, hopefully yet again I've walked her preference tightrope across the grand canyon without stepping on her toes. I say that because I do enjoy making captions for her and like the captions she makes for me as well. We all need to escape from time to time and I am glad I can be many peoples destination station for their fantastical journeys.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Have your preferences and fantasies / kinks expanded over the years, or have they stayed fairly rigid or even regressed? Do you worry less or more about what turns you on, both online and in real life? Has anything sort of sneaked up on you as to a situation or story you saw and said, "Hmmm, I didn't think I'd like reading a .. but it was quite enjoyable and arousing!" ?

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  1. Back in the day TV was blamed for all the ills of the world and now the internet has made those ills on demand 24/7. Sure i have gained a kink or fetish along the way but also seen plenty that just put me right of. I am not sure what it is that some things push the buttons while others leave us nonplussed or repulsed. i have lost interest in certain things as well but that might be age. As the saying goes it takes me all night to do what i used to do all night.