Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Life's a Beach, So You Might As Well Wear a Bikini! .. also DIY Challenge Posted!

When your cups runneth over .. show 'em off to all the boys!

Made this one for Chanel back over a week ago, when we were having our first real snow storm of the year, meaning a foot or more of snow. A few inches ain't shit unless its during the morning or afternoon commute, more so for the afternoon as people are already pissed off and yearning for home after a long day at work. It was pretty damn cold too while it was snowing, so while freezing my tits off, I made this caption to warm myself up a bit.

Nothing too engaging, at least not like the last few I've posted, but its got a bit of compulsions wrapped up in a "do you control the new body or does the new body control you?" question that has been pondered and answered in many a TG caption. Something anyone can get behind, right?

Been a rough few days here. Had a personal issue involving my family come up on MLK day, and I just got some bad news in regards to a friend that I can't really post about right now. I'll bring it up when it is time to do so, but it feels like a punch in the gut. Then we've got Cheeto Mussolini taking the oath in a few days so yeah, seems like 2017 is 2016 part II: The Fuckening! Gah!

We should just be happy we're not eating a "sissy-sweet" salad! Cock-a-leaky soup indeed!

And now for the DIY Challenge. I think that everyone here that has been doing the DIY Challenge now has the skills to properly make a caption, so I'm just going to supply the photo to be used. Chop, edit, melt and burn the picture down however you want it for your final presentation. You could place text to the left side over the seats on in the window or both, or slice it up like a fruit ninja!

The theme is "no longer in the driver's seat." It would be best if you used that phrase in the caption itself, but you don't have to. Just consider that the "expert" setting on this challenge. Have fun and submit them to me by Tuesday evening, January 31st at 12 midnight PST. I'll post what I get after the deadline has passed. I think there could be lots to work with on this one. Let's get it started!

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  1. Quite right, there is lots of time now so might as well wait for the handsome guy and a rich guy,oh and if he has a big.....