Monday, January 23, 2017

Paying It Forward .. You'll Do the Same, Right?

We need to build up the economy ground up, so we have to start with shoe stores .. naturally!

Made this for Terri, whom I haven't made a caption for since August. I've been making more POV captions lately .. sometimes making a caption with a slightly different angle helps creativity. In this one, we can definitely see the motivation as to why Martin was following around one of the Haven's latest .. victi .. I mean, newest member of the Elite Shoppers Club.

Hope she likes it. Not everyone wants to receive POV captions. In fact, I think that if someone DOES like them, it should be listed in their preferences. Not every POV is a mirrored selfie.

in other news, the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl again! This will be for a record ninth time. Going to be a tough match-up against a really good team from Atlanta. At least it isn't the New York Giants! They seem to be the Pats kryptonite for some reason. I will never take winning for granted, even after all the success of the past 15 years or so as I remember the horrible teams when I was younger. A few times they went 2-14 or 1-15 and were mostly a joke in the NFL until the mid 90's.

I've been fighting nasty sinus issues again so I am going to cut this short. Please read the last posting as well because it gives you medical information about Rachel from Rachel's Haven.

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  1. When you said fifty percent of i did not think that all the skirts and dresses i brought would get fifty percent shorter! Everyone can see my panties and,,,and that's great