Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"I'm a Tough Guy!" Of Course You Are, Felicia!

The last TG caption I made in 2016 and boy was it a fun one to create!

Made this for Felicia Hextus, and she had great preferences so it is always a blast to create captions for her.  I saw the picture and loved the idea of a petite whisp of a girl that still thought she was a manly beefcake. I love juxtapositions like that and was glad to see that Felicia enjoyed them as well. When you get a source photo like this, you have to do something special with it.

And what I got back was even better than I thought. Here is her response:
Gracious goodness Dee. receiving your final cap of 2016 is a great honor - and this one is special! Especially made, set-up, and designed. Just... wow. One can read out the fun you had in every little line, and yes, I think I'm enjoying it as much as you did right now, even more perhaps! 
The juxtaposition really shines through the dialogue layout, which in itself is fantastic. Everything feels vibrant and colorful and that jump from one detail of the changing shape to the next one - from the shoulders to the piercing to the even girlier lingo in the very end - just takes the reader by the hand, leading them down to girly wonderland. The unknown code is of course genius, I really dig the idea. And the general idea of ending up even more girlier and girlier, needless to say. All in all a wonderful execution of that premise! :) Thank you so very much, Dee! <3 i="">
I was flabbergasted to say the least. Most people will write a line or two and profess to liking what I've made for them, but this one read like a review that was so positive. I had to respond.
It is responses like this one that make captioning such a rewarding pasttime, and gives me the push to keep going and make more. Glad that it connected with you on a few levels. I have this feeling of overwhelming gushiness right now .. and fuck if I know if it's a word .. it is now!
We hit high points and lows in our lives, both online and in real life, and you can be down from time to time, even with just the mundane things like the production and posting schedule here on the blog. What days should I post and which captions would fit best on those occasions. Making captions .. and this blog .. is supposed to be fun. It is something I need to remember more when I think about some artificially imposed deadlines or quantity of work I wish to make. This caption was fun to make, to read, and on Felicia's end, to receive. Hopefully you'll find it fun and a turn-on as well.
Glad that I could show you how much I love and admire your work, Dee. Making you the gushiest gushetta in the whole of Gushikistan is what you truly deserve :*
Wow. She even responded to my thank you. Being sincere and thoughtful is a gift, to both the giver and its recipient. A heartfelt 'Bless you' for making this jaded captioner feel gushy and hopelessly optimistic once again.


  1. A super caption. I like it when they can't seem to see what is happening to them and all the girlishness makes perfect manly sense.