Sunday, December 18, 2016

Please Don't Make Fun of Me, Sis!

Having a loved one figure out your secret can be a terrifying and scary thing to do.

Made this one for Helena, who I miss in my everyday travels here and at the Haven. I know she's got a busy real life that had hit a few road bumps, and wanted her to know that I was thinking about her. I've been doing that a lot over the last week or two as the year is almost over. As I wrote in the original post to her trading folder:
I remember you talking about your childhood a bit now and then, and figured why not make a caption that could possibly reboot your life .. or at least give you some possibly pleasant thoughts during the holidays. I love using models like this one that just seem to project innocence and a bit of ambiguity gender wise.
Figured this had the feel of a Courtney Captisa caption so she got to be your big sister.
I liked using what is in the picture to tie the story and photo together and this one gave me a lot to work with. You don't always get to use the setting of the image to help shade the caption and flesh it out the way I wanted it to be done.

Luckily for me, she was on the Haven the next day and made a nice comment.
Wonderful cap, this would indeed be a lovely way to reboot my life. And Courtney as my big sister. I love how you worked in the way I choose my name, and indeed I read my sisters magazines, and was jealous when their friends came over.
 I do read everyone's comments and often can remember bits and pieces with which to make captions seem more personal to its recipient. When they do the same for me, it connects me in a way that many other captions do not. Who doesn't like the personal touch at a coffee or barber shop?

This might be the last normal caption before the Christmas captions start. It depends on how much writing I can do tomorrow. I have four already done, with two of them being posted already to people's folders on the Haven (those being for Feargas and our old friend Katie Mills) and one that SHOULD be posted on Christmas Eve both to this blog and the Haven's 25 Captions of Christmas.


  1. Replies
    1. Yay! Thanks. Over the last year or so I think I've made a lot more "nice" captions than I used to. It is "nice" to know that I can still get "naughty" when I need to though!

      So glad you have time to look at my captions considering all the reading you do!

  2. A lovely caption. so nice to see things working out. i hope there would be many happy stories like this but most of us are to scared to ever put it to the test.

    1. Probably not as many as we'd like. I'd like to think though that sisters would be much more understanding than parents, though if you were stretching out their clothes .. that might piss them off!

  3. So nice to see a cap avoiding the whole evil sister/stepmom/Auntie thing....I met a loving girl when I was young who tried to understand and enjoyed my dressing just as much as I did....I wish everyone else had been so lucky!!!!

    1. Well, on one hand, there are many people who feel weird/awkward about having a fetish like cross-dressing / feminization, so the forced nature of it in a story can help them justify it .. sort of like how many women's romance novels have pirates, cowboys, etc .. stealing them away and 'pillaging' them in a carnal way.

      Then again, for real life .. that kind of sucks. I am glad that you realize just how special your relationship is with your wife.