Monday, November 7, 2016

One of These Days, Olivia .. Right in the Kisser!

This caption was hella fun to write. (Did I just use the word, 'hella'??) Come on inside!

Crap. I have to make another post? But I just did one last night and no one commented! Ok, it got 4 likes in 24 hours so here we go! Please read this caption first before moving on.

Made this one for Olivia Lovely on the Haven, whose been making some fun captions and been commenting here somewhat regularly. Since she had been popping up here, I saw this picture and knew it would be up her alley .. and honestly, anytime you can occupy teeange girl head space, you do it full force! A bit of this was inspired by a TG AR short story workup I made a few weeks ago that I'm sure Courtney from Courtney's Clean Caps would craft into a great fiction book .. but from that, the caption went in a way different direction.

Once again, I was grinning ear to ear as I wrote the sister's conversation with their mother. At first, I thought that the sister had done all this to her brother but then by the 2nd paragraph I was like, "James Bond villains aren't this detailed!" so I thought, "what if this was all HIS idea!" and how awesome the reveal would be. Start off fairly restrained, I mean, the scenario COULD happen .. but by the time they get to the whole amnesia angle, it's obvious that she's manipulated him with hypnosis or whatever .. then whammo, this was his choice all along!

The hardest thing to do was pull it full circle. I knew that she was pretending to be the ditz all along. I mean "orthopedic school" as a dentist? Then I looked at it again and was like, "hmm, he probably WOULD have to learn how to sound like a girl, Let's close with that!" and that wrapped the story, and her hair, into a nice pink bow!

Any other questions you'd like to ask me about the creation of this caption, from the setting, to the balance of the dialog, what choices I made in design, plot points, how it was resolved. Fire away! Want to discuss if they are going to get away with the scheme, go right ahead! I am amped about this one and would love to engage others about it too. I'll do the same for the last post as well!

This is one I like to do at Karaoke as the first number. People love the song and then I set them up to think I always sound like that, then I can cross them up with something in the upper range at the end, like "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes. Duplicity! Always keep them guessing!


  1. Love the caption it worked well i did not see the twist coming.
    i can't see mom falling for this ruse for that long but think she
    well play along.
    It is nice when a caption evolves as you write it. it sound as if if you do not do much prep before writing. ie get the photo the initial idea and then take and shape it from there. wish i could do that its usually a lot of cigarettes and cups of tea before i even start.

    1. Well, the main thing is actually finding the picture that motivates me to write up a caption. Once I find that, I can usually get it into a setting and at least flesh it out somewhat. Worst case is nothing comes out of it at all. If I get my initial idea onto the caption setting, then I've got something I can finish up another time when I might be more inspired.

      Other than whatever initial idea I have, I tend to let the caption speak itself out as I'm writing. That way I never write TOO much and have to edit. If I've got 1 inch left of space at the bottom, then I know I need to either wrap up what I've been doing, or backtrack and find another way to end it.