Sunday, November 6, 2016

Something Something Freak on a Leash!

Now I've got that damn Korn song stuck in my head. Come inside for canine puns galore!

I never did use the word 'bitch' though, so I've got that going for me! Made this for Maxine LeStrange on the Haven. It's been awhile since I crafted anything for her and it's usually something naughty yet offbeat. This one only slightly goes off the rails. I am glad I saved the picture a few months ago when I saw it. I had no idea what to do with it then, but with Maxine's preferences, it wasn't too hard to craft something around it. I just said, "Maxine wants walkies!" and it went from there.

Last night we set out clocks back and I wish we would just stay with Daylight Savings all the time. Honestly, who needs the fucking sunlight at 6 in the morning? I could certainly use that light when I'm driving home at night. Hell, I barely SEE the sun during winter unless it is on the weekend. If one of these presidential candidates came out in favor of keeping days in Daylight Savings, I would vote for them, even if that person was a cheeto color haired narcissist with a messiah complex. It should be dark when I sleep and light when I am awake! Let me check on my choice .. hmmm, none of the candidates seem to have a position yet. You'd think my choice, Mr. Stoner Guy, would be happy with it getting dark later. C'mon candidates, you have like 48 hours to sway my vote!

This is the best they've sounded in years. Not sure how the new music is but this sounds good!

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  1. love this one. his plan back firing. with a good dose of humiliation.
    sounds like he should have looked to his own faults before trying to change others