Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Voting Booth Definitely Is a Changing Booth If You Do It the Right Way!

I saw this picture and just HAD to make a quick caption with it. Hope you enjoy it .. and VOTE!

Wasn't planning on making a caption tonight, nor posting one, but I said to myself, "let's see if there are any pictures out there that pique my interest." I just hit Google and typed in 'women voting' and this photo from 2012 popped up within the first page. How the hell did I miss this back then?

I already voted, and hope that all the citizens of the United States did as well. I know my candidate won't win, I'm just hoping he can beat the 1 million votes he got in 2012. As a citizen of a very liberal state, my vote on a federal level basically doesn't count no matter which side I'm on .. but it goes to the main point here .. all politics is local and the change we need starts right in our own community.

Get involved on that level to find who has like minded ideas. Find out who is running for state positions and make sure they get elected. Push them to nominate people you would like to see represent you on a national level. Then maybe, someday, we'll have a change to vote for a big choice .. FOR a candidate instead of AGAINST another. I know, it sounds like a daydream, but I can't be the only one that longs for that day. The young people I see now are PISSED at what the fucking baby boomers have done to our country, the environment, and the planet. 2020 is literally the last gasp before they might finally unclench their maniacal grip of the steering wheel. Let's hope that REAL change can happen when shit upon generations start cleaning up this place. The ground swell for Bernie's supporters (and the opposition that bumped up Trump) are not going away, though Trump's supporters skew much older.

So lets start the change now! Walk out of the changing booth loud and proud, ruffle your skirts, and confidently click your heels upon the floors. VIVA THE REVOLUTION!

And no matter who wins the election. We are a strong nation and we will survive!

Discuss whatever you like down below. Make sure to visit the REAL captions I posted over the last few days. They were lots of fun to create and I bet they are fun to read too! Tell me what you'd like to see on the blog if I haven't touched upon it yet and what you'd like to see more of in general.


  1. Dee. I also live in a deep blue state and as such any vote for anyone other than the latest liberal darling is wasted.....but I vote in every election nonetheless!!! And while I can't say I like him I can say that although I worship women and the ground they walk on....literally in some situations....I just couldn't vote for her....I expect my elected officials to commit their felonies after they get elected!!!!

    Oh....I liked the cap very much too!!!!

  2. The USA election is important to all the world but this is the first one that I've know to be talking points with family. work mates and down the pub. Lets hope the doom and gloom is unfounded but?