Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Fashionable Word Jumble That Could Spell Your Masculine Doom!

Words can hurt, but words also lead to great change. Words are all we've got. Use them wisely!

And somehow the world continues to spin on its axis. The U.S.A. is made of tough stuff. I was hoping that Gary Johnson would get 5 percent of the vote, as that would guarantee a spot on the ballot for the Libertarian Party in all 50 states (they achieve that every year, but do it the hard way, with petitions, etc ..) and federal matching funds for campaigns. Still did well though, getting almost 4.5 million votes. So other than me possibly losing my health insurance when Trump repeals Obamacare in January, life continues to go on!

Made this caption for Kaitlyn back over a month ago! Wow! Surprised I hadn't posted it before then. I remember seeing the picture and with the arrangement of letters, the story and zinger came to be pretty quickly, though I only put it into a caption setting at the time, and didn't actually write it until a few weeks later when I had the chance to work it out as cleverly as possible. The hard part was not making the rules seem boring and just not listing them, but integrating them into the story as it unfolds. It always feels weird when I describe changes in appearance that you can see in the photo, but this time it worked to my advantage when the article of clothing IS the treasure map, so to speak!

Kaitlyn noticed something else about the photo. "X may mark the spot, but I've noticed there was a 'G' right next to it. I guess you could call that the ... spot where the G is?" Glad she studied the picture of herself changing very thoroughly!

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day here in the States, and possibly Armistice Day elsewhere? It's almost been 100 years since that first world war, and almost 70+ years since the end of the last one. Let's hope the world leader's can keep their wits about them and steer this globe into an unprecedented time of prosperity and social well being. Or they will all show how big their dicks are and fuck things up like every other eon of civilization. Mazel tov!

If anyone would actually like to talk about the election civilly, you are more than welcome to do so in the comments, or just talk about the caption if it so pleases you. I'll try to answer every comment if it will stir conversations too!

Just found out that Leonard Cohen died. Ok 2016, I get it. You've broken me! Let's get to 2017!


  1. Dee, I'd love to solve for "x" and I'd be only too happy to show my work!!!!

    I don't really think it's possible to discuss this election civilly it was a giant douche vs a turd sandwich and no matter how you voted there was very little to be happy about!!! And the people on either side were just too ready to commit mayhem on anyone who voted for the "wrong" candidate!!!
    I would love to see a viable third party rise out of the political mess left behind after this but the Libertarians lost me when their VP candidate endorsed someone else for president!!!!
    The Greens.....sorry I like to drive my car and my car needs gas and oil.....when they introduce hydrogen cell fuel whose exhaust is water vapor then I might consider the Greens....Dee, you live in the need those pesky fossil fuels to keep from freezing to death just like I do....when the alternative becomes reality....I'm all for it!!!!
    Sometimes there simply is no good choice.....pick the one you consider the lesser evil....the one who is most likely to just leave you alone....hold your nose.....try not to retch too much and cast your vote!!!!
    Just my two cents.....your experience may differ!!!


    1. That pretty much is the ways it's been for awhile now. I look back at the 2012 election and I think that if Romney had run this time, he'd have carried almost every state, just because he tended to be much more civil and respectful. Oh to long for the days when a '47 percent' comment made 'off the cuff' and supposedly 'off the record' was a HUGE scandal.

      Yeah, and Weld was a former GOP governor of Massachusetts. I think he figured out how the election was going to go long before most of the electorate, and like many on the actual GOP was sort of ashamed of Trump .. until he won. Well, until Hillary lost I should say .. since Trump got less popular votes than McCain in 2008, and about the same as Romney in the last election. Hillary lost 10 million of Obama's vote total.

      If Trump the president runs the country like it sounded he would, I'd love to see that. But so far, the names that have been bandied about are just the same old establishment GOP hacks that didn't work out the first few times they tried, like Gingrich, Gulliani, Palin, and Ben Carson? Yikes!

    2. As opposed to the wailing and screaming of the protesters.....mostly millennials who have spent their lives getting "participation" trophies and don't understand the concept of losing.....I'm going to wait and see what happens.....
      Like I do after every election I'll hope for the best while preparing for the crushing disappointment that almost always follows!!!

    3. Most of the millennials I know have at least 1 regular job, and many have 2 just to TRY to make ends meet and realize the game is fixed .. on both sides. They haven't quite learned 'the lesser of two evils' lesson or as Star Trek would play it out, "kobayashi maru".

      For the first time in literally forever, the next generation is not going to be better off than the previous, and I'm hoping this is the last gasp of the baby boomer's privileged dominance of society.

      And we aren't fooling anyone. If the election came out in the other direction, there would be wailing and screaming of rigged elections blah blah blah. It's what happens when the politics of division ring the bells ever louder.