Friday, October 21, 2016

What About That New Park Ranger, Yogi? She's Beau-ti-ful, Boo Boo!

Honestly had no idea what the hell to call this so hopefully it's funny enough for you to click through!

I'm bettering that Jinny would've let Yogi have a few picnic baskets but I digress.

For those that do not know Jinny Jezebel, she is now an admin at Rachel's Haven, and self-identifies as a pixie / fairy type character, at least in a few of her persona. She is a complete sweetheart and all around great person, so when she makes me a caption, I try to return one as soon as possible.

I tried to make it both socially aware and playful. Once of mankind's' greatest mistakes is trying to make nature orderly. It cares not for property values or make believe dotted line map boundaries.

I sat on this caption for a few hours because there was something I wasn't happy about and it took me a bit to find it. Overall, I felt like the last transformation was a bit rushed, and adding just one line really helped and tied the story together better than Lebowski's rug. (Its the last line of the 2nd to last paragraph.) If you still don't feel it is fleshed out enough, that's fine, but take that added line out and there is a gaping hole needing to be filled (get your damn minds out of the gutter RIGHT NOW!)

Something about taking a wildlife picture and trying to impose office constraints and tropes upon it makes me laugh. "OK, it's time for the rabbits to give a progress report on our Vision Statement. What? Maternity leave, AGAIN?" Of course bunnies work on vision statements. Carrots, amirite?

Yeah, anyway. Please check out the last post for the latest information on the October DIY Challenge and the blog exclusive caption I made for it. There are options for creators that I haven't offered in the past so hopefully this will be the biggest DIY Challenge ever!


  1. i know that in birds they have "switched on" redundant genes to bring out dinosaur features
    so maybe there is a fairy gene? i think i might be a goblin. oops back in the gutter again.
    the last line is a bit cryptic has he been changed in to a skunk?

    1. Yes, you are correct. Jinny turned the government agent into a skunk.