Sunday, October 23, 2016

Nudity .. A State of Confidence!

When everything is where it should be, and looks good, why not be confident?

Made this caption for Brittany7, who often contributes to the DIY Challenge, and is a regular at the Haven. The best thing about her preferences is that they are quite wide open, and she just wants to receive interesting captions.

I really liked the matter-of-fact look on the model's face and it is why I chose it for a caption. I didn't have much of an idea, so I just put it in a caption setting and started writing. I came up with that question right up front, which does seem like a good one as most recently changed guys would most likely be self-conscious about what had happened to them. Then I thought of how guys are in locker rooms and if they were both secure in their manhood flopping around for all to see, then yes, they wouldn't mind being naked in front of anyone. Once I hit the bottom part and "sweat pants" I knew I had my ending, as I could juxtapose the words and establish the alpha once again between the two.

As per what I wrote originally in the posting:

Given enough time, I think confident guys would end up the sexiest, and sluttiest girls .. but maybe that's just me. Explaining the mysteries of the universe while wearing sweatpants is very hard. No one will take you seriously. However .. It's easier to be philosophical when you are naked. Is anyone REALLY listening at that point? Hope you enjoy!

Had a busy weekend and still didn't feel like I got anything done. Should have another post up tomorrow if the creek don't rise! See you soon!


  1. Que tesão!!
    Parabéns pelo blog!!!
    Virei fã!!

  2. Feliz que você tenha gostado.

    Escrevi isto usando um tradutor.