Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I Wonder What the Next DIY Challenge Is Going to Be About?

I mean, it's October. Maybe it's about falling leaves? Nope! It's all about Demon Alcohol!

Ian had a great idea in using Octoberfest as a topic for the DIY Challenge but I want to expand on that for a bit to give people other methods to chose from. It is also harvest time for grapes to be turned into wine which means .. wine tasting parties! Others I know indulge in making Mead, Hard Cider, and even applejack. These people are usually either Renne Faire types or Pagan/Wiccans.

So, there are SO MANY ways to be changed into a female through the fermentation of fruits and grains .. it is up to you to decide which to use and how it is going to change YOU. Yes you! I want the star of your caption to be YOU!

Not a drinker? Well, how about you have insulted a master brewer by being a teetotaler and he makes you much more amenable to the pleasures of imbibing? Or aghast at the bachelorette party drinking shots before hitting the limo for a night of debauchery?

Perhaps a hangover cure is worse than the actual drinking you did the night before? The sky is the limit .. and the deadline limit is November 2 at midnight EST. Use any pictures you like, and to further the accessibility, you can make the challenge up to 3 panels long in case you have a idea that will take a couple pictures to complete. You can post your final caption in my trading folder on Rachel's Haven, or email it to me. Since I am not providing the picture, and this is Dee Mentia's favorite time of the year (and busiest!) There is no option this month of me putting your story into a caption setting. Besides, no one has taken me up on that offer in a few months now.

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  1. I hardly ever imbibe nowadays, i might have to do some research at the pub.