Sunday, September 4, 2016

Malleus Maleficarum .. Dee's Silver Hammer Is Metaphorical, right?

Or something .. I needed some sort of cool ass title for this caption!

Made this caption for Darrell on the Haven.  Figured it might be fun to go back to the 1600's or so and make a caption. Just ignore the modern hand cuffs .. or perhaps that is a Wiccan manifestation of temporal displacement as well? For those that aren't Puritans, here is the term according to Wikipedia:  Goodman was once a polite term of address, used where Mister (Mr.) would be used today. The terms were used in England and Puritan New England. They are perhaps best known today as the forms of address used in Arthur Miller's historical fiction The Crucible, and in Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story "Young Goodman Brown". The feminine version is Goodwife, usually shortened to "Goody". Now you don't have to ask in the comment section. Thank me later!

The plot of course is to make sure that if you accuse someone of witchcraft, you might just have picked the right woman, and for all the wrong reasons. Since I'm less than 2 hours from Salem, MA, we visit fairly often, and we know of the Salem witch trials like they happened yesterday. We might actually head there in a week or two, before all the Halloweenie's show to mess things up. Figure the wind off the water will make it a pleasant September afternoon. Remember, next Sunday, September 11 is Pagan Pride Day. Check a local website to see what events are going on in your area!

For those in the states, I'm hoping that you are enjoying at least a 3 day holiday. I have one day left on my 4 day weekend, and since the remnants of the hurricane will be influencing our weather, we'll probably take the time to do some late summer cleaning, get ready to pull the AC units in a few weeks, and the GF wants to do some cooking for the upcoming week.

Figured I'd make a quickie update here. We had a blast on Saturday night at Dave and Buster's. I killed at the Trivia area until people just started walking away. Then it was time to shoot some hoops, which I did better than I expected, since I haven't played any sort of basketball in ummm, 20 years? Today was a fun cookout at a friend's house, they were breaking in a new deck they had installed, and and just had some fun times hanging out and chatting about all sorts of things. Best weekend we've had in quite some time!

What a glorious noise! Dresden Dolls had a 2 show reunion tour, on date in Boston and one date at Coney Island.  What a great time reliving the old days of the punk cabaret. There is talk of possibly doing another record, without a label .. just doing it themselves, perhaps with a kickstarter. I can't wait for that if it actually happens!

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  1. You got to think that any real witch would never be caught i mean they've got magic duh!
    So what happens on pagan pride day? can they go out in day light?