Saturday, September 3, 2016

Summer is the Time to Chillax!

That girl Dee really wants to ride all the water park rides! Better keep an eye on her!

I didn't really get much of a Summer this year, so I am making sure that many of my Haven friends get to experience it from a caption standpoint at least. I think I will be buying a Six Flags membership this year that will get me access next year as well. I miss splashing around in the wave pools and super tubing. Maybe I'll even lose a few years in the process! I'll still need to be 18 though so I can make the 2 hour drive home!

Speaking of being a kid again, if all goes well, the GF and I should be at Dave and Busters tonight celebrating a friend's birthday party. Nothing like sitting at the trivia game and schooling everyone there .. lots of tickets to be had by playing there. It's a Saturday night so there will probably be lots of kids, but as long as there parents are watching them, none of them should accidentally trip over my outstretched foot! Whoops! Watch were you are going dude!

See you on Sunday!