Sunday, August 14, 2016

Truth Is a Point of View, but Authenticity Can't Be Faked!

Sometimes when things go wrong, you can see that things are looking up!

Made this about 2 weeks ago and figured that it would end up a blog exclusive, since I'm not sure I would be able to find a recipient that would appreciate it. I love this picture of Danica and what a lovely scenic view, don't you think? Lots of hills and valleys to check out .. and think, one day YOU will probably look like this too, since you've now got her genes!

Wasn't sure if this was too naughty of a picture to group with the story line I came up with, but I thought I tackled it with aplomb. She's using her vantage point to reinforce his new position in the relationship, and show that while he might be jealous of the attention she is going to get from a male suitor, he's not built anymore to satisfy her more carnal pleasures.

I can see the allure in this sort of TG fantasy, of getting the full lifetime of feminine pleasures, from a small girl in frilly tights, through adulthood. The element of losing power is prevalent in these sorts of stories as well, with a belief that there isn't pressure in being a little girl, though I would disagree. Perhaps the pressure is to be submissive, which probably fit more in line with the loss of power. Then with a story like this, it adds a certain cuckolding into the mix, that not everyone likes, but for those who do, its a revelation I'm sure. How disheartening to find out that instead of lust for something you used to possess, there is envy that you wish to be a grown up lady like mommy and play real dress up whenever you want and not have to go to bed, even though you are already dressed up in your princess nightgown and ready for a snack before bedtime!

For those who've kept track of the personal side of my life, we finally got some closure on the GF's mother, and she passed away within the last 36-48 hours, depending on when this is actually posted to the blog. I sneaked off to write this in dribs and drabs, and since she has some time off for mourning, I am probably not going to resume normal scheduled postings until the mid to end of this week coming up. At that point, I think we'll be a bit more back into the swing of things as life goes on for those of us still addicted to breathing the air around us.

Was watching the Wacken metal festival last weekend and caught these guys performing before Iron Maiden on the side stage. They are a German band, so you have to get a translation for the lyrics, but the music is pretty cool anyway. This song is a big "THANK YOU" to Eve from the Garden of Eden for giving us sin.
Oh Eve, thank God that you weren't so righteous
Oh Eve, it would be so boring here without sinning.


  1. Sometimes the passing is the blessing you need....I hope that your gf handles it well....there's always a little guilt if you didn't get along ...
    Glad to have you back to posting and it hit a note with me as lately my wife has been into treating me as a little girl!!!! It would be so nice to get a do-over and grow up as the girl that lives inside my head.....sigh...

  2. i know you well be there for your girl friend. At these times we go through so many emotions.
    A shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen well make a world of difference.