Wednesday, August 10, 2016

But Sir, I Really Couldn't Find a Tinkle Bush Near by!

Yeah, this wasn't an easy one to come up with a title for without giving away most of the plot!

In case you were wondering, no news yet and we are still in a holding pattern. Just hanging in there. Figured I would post something new so people won't forget this blog is here. Trying to keep the mood light at home, though we do gallows humor fairly well.

I've made a few semi-captions over the past 5 days or so, this one was mostly done about 2 weeks ago, and I just finished it today and posted it to the Haven for Terri. As per my post there:
The subject seemed to look like the Ember you, so I figured, why not? As soon as I saw the picture, I knew I had the topic, as that is a knowing pout.
Also, I had just finished listening to the "Freeze Frame" CD by J. Geils Band, which concludes with the song, "Piss on the Wall". It was natural.
Being from Southern New England, growing up in the 80's, you were given two albums, seemingly at your baptism, the red version of Aerosmith's Greatest Hits, and a J. Geils Band disc, usually either "Love Stinks" or "Freeze Frame". If they weren't available, you could be taken away by child custody services I believe. If you were a weird family, you could have either a Cars record or something by The Talking Heads (they went to school in RI.) I think we had all of those, so we had our basses covered if the "cool police" came around looking for squares. Trust me, if you have a house party, put on some J. Geils and the joint will get jumpin' or go see them live.

The rest of the semi-captions are somewhere between 30-90 percent completed, and I haven't looked them over since I made them. Just wanted to get a process going and writing without a filter or designated recipient yet. I can make a determination when I review them, whether I can steer them in a particular direction for someone in particular, make it a blog exclusive, or just trash it / recycle it for a future DIY Challenge.

I am just trying to get from here to there and make some sort of connection. One good distraction has been the end of Madden NFL Mobile, where you have to finalize your football team for the year as the servers restart this Sunday for a whole new season. The current team will become your Legend team, which you can still control from time to time in challenges, so it is good strategy that you make the best team you can before the deadline. The Auction house ends today, so I've spent the last few days selling all the players I didn't need anymore, trying to complete sets I had a shot at completing, and taking all the "cash" earned from that and picking a few real impact players to finish my team. I mostly overhauled my defensive backs and boosted a weak offensive guard, plus spent much of the left over "money" on the best kick returner I could afford. Now I can just try to earn a few extra bonus packs for next season so I'll have a better initial team. I've already maxed out objectives, player level, completed sets, and my overall ranking is 95 percent. Just need to play some more head to head, and finish another season or two.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Now that I've bored you with game talk, What mobile games have you been obsessing over lately? I figure I might have some time to slack over the next week or two (but not be able to caption) so is there anything I should be checking out on my cell phone or tablet?

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  1. A charming kind of curse. Mr. J must be one of those house-sprites, geased to keep the place nice.
    I like the fact that Marvin becomes "Ember", not "Marvina" or "Marva". After all, people rarely choose baby names that way.