Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Olivia's Happy Birthday Dreams .. and the next DIY Challenge!

Yeah, it snuck up on me too! Why doesn't my spell checker like "snuck"? It can't be sneaked right?

Sneaked just doesn't sound right. Spellcheck doesn't like cumwhore or twatwaffle either!

Made this for Olivia Lovely the other day on the occasion of her birthday. I happened to be swinging by the Haven and saw the little piece of cake on her profile and figured I could whip up a caption quickie for her special day.

I like to co-star in birthday captions, as its almost a meta situation anyway, and the action inside is often the gift itself so why not give it to her IN the caption? I was a bit limited for time so I figured I would go to one of the directories on my computer, click to a random spot, and go forward 10 pictures and back 10 pictures and pick the one that would best fit her AND give me something to work with plot wise. This one seemed pleasant enough and the plot was simple enough: get him drunk. give him a sexy dream, and make dream a reality in the morning when she woke up. I think that Wizard of Oz might have been a better movie if this were the setup there.

I "think" I should be adhering to a more normal posting schedule starting Sunday. I have relatives from far off places visiting with regularity over the next two weeks, but we can survive this! I promise at the very least you'll see something every other day (or so) through Labor Day weekend unless something I didn't see coming pops up.


And now to August's DIY Challenge. I'll be writing it up here in a moment, after I figure out what exactly it is going to be! Ah, here it is!

Here is the captions setting, and for those (most of you by now! WOO!) Here is the original photo.

I figure that would be good enough for people to come up with SOMETHING this month. As a bonus level, the caption should have something to do with morning time and breakfast. I already know what one of my final lines would be for this caption, perhaps the stinger itself. So the deadline is Wednesday, August 31st at midnight PST. That gives you approximately 2 weeks, which should hopefully be plenty for all of you to get in on this one!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So, what do you think the stinger for the DIY caption would be if I made this caption? Answer in the comment section! I'm curious to see if I am THAT predictable, or if people are just onto my humor much more now.


  1. "No, sugar! Twat, then waffles!" ... Maybe I'll enter :P
    Thanks again for the birthday cap! I *love* hearing about process, so coming here was an extra treat ~OliviaLovely~

  2. "there is more nutrition in the box. speaking of which my boy friends just left. don't sit about its time for your clean up duty."