Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Say Yes to the Dress .. and Do It Right This Time!

Why do so many people want to "fix" something that isn't fundamentally broken?

Something about this picture shouted introspection or a slight feeling of regret, and I thought that was a good dichotomy for a TG caption. I mean, usually being a busty female in a wedding gown is a cause for celebration amongst the people congregating here on this blog. That underneath angst was easy to tap into, and I wrote the first few paragraphs straight away, knowing that the daughter was going to see her dad "en femme" once again. That would be how I would tie it all together.

The phone message is probably what many crossdressers and trans people have heard from time to time, and what makes it hurt more is that it comes from people they love. I didn't go too overboard, as I wanted the ex-wife to sound more resolved to the fact that THIS is all he ever was and will be .. and that his "choices" ruined their daughter as well. "I give up dealing with broken people like you and your daughter," might have been added if I had more space.

Was he wearing the wedding dress because it was the only thing the wife left behind and he wanted to remember the best moments of their life? That he was always more comfortable in women's clothing and was using it to center himself? Did Dee cast a spell a few minutes before walking into the room, making him do that so the changes would come easier or quicker? I am not really sure, and I don't think it matters to the story all that much, other than all those thoughts did come to me as I was writing this caption up.

Needless to say, I wasn't about to give this to anyone as a trade caption. At least I can't imagine that anyone had preferences that fit, other than just wanting to be in a wedding dress. I am marking it as a blog exclusive, so any and all comments would be much appreciated. One thing I'd like to see addressed is do you think that a topless picture like this one fits in with the mood of the story? I thought it was a bit of a misdirection for the reader to go along with the juxtaposition of the morose bride picture itself. Anything else you'd like to say or discuss about this caption, I am also open to talk about it. In fact, I promise I'll reply to anything mentioned in the comments.

I just had to reference this song at the end of the post. Apparently it has been covered many times, and I didn't know until now that this wasn't the original version, but it's got that cheesy Wayne Newton vibe so this version is still my favorite! Let's hope my caption wasn't cheesy like this!


  1. I absolutely love this story. There is a sweetness to it that makes it standout about the usual.

    1. Thanks Simone!

      In a way, this was inspired by things my daughter have said to me about when she was younger, and when she figured out her mom was actually crazy, and why she was placed with me full time. Most kids almost have hero worship for both parents until around the teenage years, but she knew her mom wasn't dealing with reality by time she was 9 years old.

  2. A great caption. i did not think it was cheesy. Another photo ie dressed would have worked just as well but as it was a more story centered caption the photo was not so important.
    Also i don't know that you even had to put the magic change into it my first read through i just had it as the daughter accepting her father as he/she was.

    1. Well, I am sure another picture would've worked, but I don't think it would have brought out the same storyline that this one did.

      And thanks for saying that I didn't have to put in an actual magic change. To me, that shows how much you, the reader, had invested in the characters I had created .. and I take that as a supreme complement!

  3. I love this cap! It is one of the best happy endings I can imagine.
    I have a feeling this is much more personal than you mention in your post. It feels to me like we are allowed to see a part of Dee we rarely get to see.

    I know this song mostly in the Dutch cover by Herman van Keeken "Pappie loop toch niet zo snel", and for a very long time I didn't know that wasn't it wasn't the original either. To be honest, the version of Herman van Keeken is stil my favorite.
    Nevertheless I want to thank you for this song. It send me on a trip down memory lane, looking up several songs from my early childhood. A time when there was barely a past, the future was no further than tomorrow and my home was the world.

    1. Thanks Helena. In general, my world view has softened in the recent years. I am still mostly a fierce advocate of people that I care about, and very protective. I hate seeing them getting taken advantage of or shit upon. That is truly when I am "evil" otherwise my sinister urges are much more playful than vengeful. I have always related more to the freaks and geeks and the underdogs.

      Glad I was able to bring a smile to your face with that trip down memory lane. When it comes to music, there is no limit to the things it will dredge up in your mind!