Saturday, July 30, 2016

Is There a Thread of Truth to the Bodysuit Tech Rumors?

Sometimes man makes the clothes, other times the clothes makes the woman!

Made this one a LONG time ago, January of 2009 apparently, for a member of the Haven I don't think has been around for a few years now, Erin G. I don't often do body suit stories as I'm just not really into it for one, and two, if I find a good source picture, I can usually write a different (and usually better) story by going in a another direction. This one just set up pretty nicely and I have no issues with it .. considering it's from a long ago style, font, design, size, and everything else!

Well, since you can now see that there are two different captions there, I bet you realize what I just did. Yeah, I took the original and "modernized it" a bit. Wanted to see if it would still work in the new format. For the most part, it does. The new one seems like the one that most people would click on if they had a choice on which one to view. I don't mind the original though, just wanted to work out the exercise. Here is the new version that can be clicked on to expand.

One of the reasons why I made a "new" version of a vintage caption was to try out the updates I've made to this computer. Over the past few weeks, when I've had time, I've been backing up much of my files and paring down the amount of data on my main hard drive, so that I could make the switch to both SSD and Win 10 at the same time. On Friday, I took a half day from work (thankfully!) and spent 13 hours (!) cloning the original drive, and then installing Win 10 onto it .. in case I don't like the new version, I've still go the original hard drive to go back to Win 7. Friday night also happened to be the last day that Micro$oft was offering the free upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10. I ended up being done around 3 AM last night, hence why I haven't posted to the blog until now.

So this was a chance to see if my version of Photoshop (7) is compatible with this version of windows (it is!) and if some of my other programs work with it as well (Word 2003 does!) I'm not sure if this is because I had Win 7 Pro, but hopefully this is a good sign! I started this morning trying to lock down the actual computer so Micro$oft doesn't hunt down all my information, and then went about my usual Saturday before coming back on line now. If you have any tips for how to batten down my cyber hatches, let me know in the comments!

So far so good though with Win 10, though most of my happiness could just be the whole 512 gig of SSD boot disk speed. My goddess is that fast now. I thought I was speedy with 30 seconds to sign in and another 45 to get everything loaded into the system. This is now like 8 seconds to sign in screen and almost instantaneous windows access.Sweet!

We got a brand new person to submit something for the DIY Challenge, so that is great! The deadline is tomorrow night, so you've still got some time to send something to me!

Any comments on the "new" version of the caption vs the vintage version?  Words of advice for a Win 10 newbie? Shoot them into the comment section!


  1. The remake does look a lot better. I have had know problems with windows 10. i agree its just not right the spy in the machines but they tell us its all for our benefit ! And every one is at it Micro soft Google my phone, car TV And camera's everywhere don't think we have a right to any privacy now. All i hope is that i have corrupted a few of the marketing big brothers into big sisters.

    1. That is truly something we could all hope for!