Wednesday, June 29, 2016

You Don't Need Glasses to See You Are Insecure!

Which means you really are becoming a woman, Anny!

Made this one for Anny, though I had the picture for awhile. Just needed to flesh out a reasonable story to go with it. She likes body suits, science, etc .. doesn't mind magic if it is a good story. I figured I would leave this one blank as to how she was changed, other than to imply that it was her sister that did it .. which was another of her preferences .. that implies acceptance by her family.

I just love the idea of her being self-conscious about being a girl on a beach in somewhat revealing beachwear, and the people aren't staring at her because they think she's really a boy, but they are staring because she's pretty, and of course has a seeing eye chart on her bathing suit!


Posts have been somewhat sporadic here eh? Yeah, I sort of warned people about this. It seems to happen in waves. Other things are cropping up too as I went to the MST3k Reunion show last night, then found out a good friend's dad had a heart attack so I hung out with him a bit last night too. Made for a long day at work and hopefully a bit of a nap before bed tonight is in the cards. I think it should be like this for another few weeks, as there are more things on my plate through Sunday, July 10, perhaps longer. I did make a bunch of comment replies to almost everyone that said anything going back to the Father's Day caption. I felt I owed it to those who took the time, and yes, I've not been around as much as I used to .. hopefully at some point I'll start popping into other's TG blogs again and comment there as well.

Remember, you have about another week left to go in the DIY Challenge. You can find the rules for it HERE and this month's should be REALLY easy so I want to see lots of entries. Also, since I enjoy the topic so much, everyone can make a 2nd one if they wish, so TWO entries per person!

I loved the Boardwalk on Daytona Beach. Used to hang out there a lot when I was a teenager. Was sad to hear most of the stuff you see in the original video (look it up on Youtube) was destroyed during the hurricane a few years ago. I guess they have rebuilt a lot of it, but it is probably TOO NEW for me to enjoy now! I will go back again someday, I have promised myself!


  1. Oh wait that's not a cane in his hand ! Do you need any more convincing bro?

    1. She's so pretty, she can make a blind man see!

  2. Fun cap, but I don't think there will be many guys who will get beyond the *E* on her bathing suit.

    1. Good point, though they might try to see if they have better than 20/20 vision at the end of the chart.

      And as I mentioned on the Haven, thank you for the birthday caption. If I have time sometime later tonight, I might post it here for everyone to see, because it was lots of fun to read and be the recipient of it.