Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Birthday Caption for Me? A Guest Caption from Helena!

.. and it looks like a few of you are joining me! Plus a few bonus captions!

Well, this week contained my birthday, so I am going to whip up something quick here to celebrate it, especially since I ended up with a new birthday caption in my folder, created by Helena. She has the most awesome beauty salon pictures. I think she must of found a motherlode of them awhile back and has been hording them from our prying eyes! So do any of you recognize yourselves under one of the other hair dryers? I bet you do!

Since I wanted to focus on a caption done for me, I figured I might highlight a few others quickly that I have received in my trading folder. This first one was from Feargas, and made for last year's birthday celebration of me coming out of my mother's vajayjay hoonanny! Just a nice and quick wish fulfillment compulsion caption, and it hit the spot.

Just recently, Sarine Davis / Belladonna made a return caption for me that I just had to repost here, as not only has it been a bit neglected in my trading folder .. it's quite informative to all of the TG people out here that don't know the different style of heels there are! I actually wonder if my GF knows most of the styles listed in this caption!

You might have to save it to your computer to fully read it, but it is worth it I think. How many different styles of heels have YOU worn? I'd be curious to find out!

Independence Day Weekend arrives tomorrow. I skipped lunch twice last week so I could get out earlier on Friday and start the long weekend a bit early. Hope that everyone stays safe over this weekend and makes sure to watch out for drunk drivers. I should have something posted over the next few days. Keep dropping in and be on the lookout for something new!


  1. how did this day go by without me noticing. . . . time to get to the workshop!

  2. I'd love to have the body to fit into the red dress!!!! zoe

  3. Glad you liked my cap, and I'm honored that you posted it here.
    I have to disappoint you though, I don't have a huge stash of salon pictures, just a small one. I do have a thing for hairstyles in general. Short, long straight, curled, updo's, braided, colored and natural color.
    Even today's trend with the undercut. It's something that started long before I had access to the world wide web. Back then I would even buy magazines dedicated to hairstyles, and imagined how they would look on me.
    Since the internet it is easier to access to those pictures, and along with it I discovered the salon pictures.
    My main sources nowadays are Tumblr and Pinterest.

    Love the caps from Feargas and Sarine Davis as well.
    I could identify seven different types of heels of the ones used in Sarine's cap. I have no clue however if that is good, average od bad. :D