Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Redesign .. Re-boosting the Bustier!

Sometimes you need inspiration to create a new invention. Or just a mile in someone else's bra!

Don't have much to say on this one, as it was made for Bustyatheart as a birthday caption. We've had magical frays and sororities for many years in TG stories. The original Spells R Us came from one of those tales, so I wanted to throw a bit of a twist on it. Everyone should be comfortable in whatever body they inhabit, and Andy certainly made sure of that.

Just got back from seeing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on the big screen for a one night re-release, celebrating it's 45 anniversary of release. It is one of my favorite movies of all time, and Gene Wilder has an incredible screen presence. What a treat to see it in the movie theater!

And on another note, my 2nd state tax return came in (I live in one state and commute to another) and I got some money for my birthday this week, so I am going to be picking up a new bass rig probably within the next week or so. I am torn between the Orange 50 watt bass amp here:

and the Fender Rumble 100 watt ver. 3 that you can see here:

I love the sound of the Orange amps, but for 30 bucks more, I'm getting double the wattage and the Fender only weighs 22 pounds!! I am in such a quandary! Perhaps one of you generous patrons of this blog want to chip in and buy me a Amazon gift cert for one or both of these amps? I mean, who wouldn't want to see me in fishnets and heels rocking out a bass line on one of these fine cabs? LOL


  1. Great cap.

    Your talk about amplifiers gave me a new word for Dawn's TG Dictionary: The Femplifier

    1. Glad I could be of service, Helena! It was a good one!