Tuesday, June 14, 2016

When Did Geeks Start Taking Over the World? Baby, Talk Nerdy to Me!

Don't answer. It's rhetorical. In today's world, being a brute isn't the survival skill that it used to be!

A bit of honey works so much better!

Made this for Felicia Hextus as I loved the picture and knew there was a story in there just waiting to come out. As technology becomes even more important, the themes in this caption become truer. Military drones are now a standard in many nations arsenal, and countries employ hackers to take down others infrastructures and spy without having to be anywhere near the site being surveyed.

Information is the new cold war. Control the data and you control the hive mind. files are weapons, and 0's and 1's are the new currency. Traditional warfare is only as good as the software running it.

Sorry I went all science fiction on you, but much of it is in line to become science fact, and that is a tribute to all of the geeks, nerds, and other assorted freaks of the world.

It was fun to write from that point of view, where the athletically fit were, even not outwardly, somewhat jealous of the stature being achieved by the formerly teased brainiacs. That Felix became the feminine ideal for those in the geek culture was certainly apropos, since Damien was trying to become a girl himself through a RPG type potion .. and what better way to make themselves even richer and possibly more famous? Instead of ONE hot gamer girl, TWO hot gamer girls, getting naughty on a website they coded themselves? Felicia hit the jackpot of popularity!


I still haven't finalized the DIY Challenge for June so if you have any ideas, PM me on the Haven or leave them below in comments if you so choose. It will probably be a more wide open Challenge this time, with no picture, but a definite theme and perhaps a word or sentence that must be included. As all women do, I reserve the right to change my mind if need be!


  1. Fun cap Dee! I adore that image and the colors you chose!

    You know, one thing that’s always bothered me about ‘nerd style’ is none nerds and/or non geeky people appropriating it. Like the model in your photo… do you really believe that’s the type of girl who learned how to code? I’m certainly not saying there aren’t attractive/beautiful nerds out there but ever since it became ‘cool’ I’ve started seeing a lot of it enter mainstream media. I mean just writing up this response I looked up ‘nerd chic’ and found stories from InStyle, Mashable, and even Vogue all written within the last year about how to dress up ‘nerdy’.

    Not to go all hipster on the subject but… DAMN IT get away from the style that I and my culture picked and cultivated over decades! Damn kids and their twitter and facebook!

    OK… rant over. But seriously, awesome cap and yes it’s a good time to be (real) nerdy!