Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Want You to Want Me - Definitely Not a Cheap Trick!

Surrender, Surrender .. But don't give yourself away .. away .. away!!! We're ALL ALRIGHT!

This caption happened organically, as in I found the picture and had an idea in my head, and while I was typing it out, I was listening to Cheap Trick. I mean, first Jillisa and I were both "surrender"ing, but then "I wanted you to want me!" That ended up taking up most of the middle section.

The dialog between Dee and Jillisa represents the type of caption viewer who wants a bit of romance and flirtation, to be teased and edged a bit. "He" however represents those that want to "go big and go home!" with the money shot and just enough text to blow their load. I wanted to have some fun and have those two worlds collide just a little bit. Hope it wasn't too jarring!

Still looking for some ideas for this month's DIY Challenge, as I'm not married to any particular ideas that I have so far. I will be posting the next challenge on Saturday, and the deadline will probably stretch to the beginning of July since the 4th is on a Monday .. LONG WEEKEND!

And of course, the wonderfully done, "You Were Working as a Waitress in a Cocktail Bar Remix"!

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