Sunday, June 12, 2016

Don't Be a Square! Come On Down To Rubik's Dance Club!

It's all the TG you could want in a fun equation .. cubed!

Made this for Wendygirl, who I am finally getting close to a balance between owing captions. I had a few ideas that ended up going into the captions, and I am hoping I was able to convey them all enough to get the idea across.

The first one came from an Indiana Jones movie, where for him to win a bet, he had to remember a certain pattern on the dance floor of this alternative lifestyle club. Then, with the position that John is standing in, I felt that perhaps, he LIKED being Wendy, or liked to be forced into dressing like Wendy. It wasn't that hard to include that snippet either. I left it somewhat open ended, in that I don't know if he did the required steps to win the bet, then stay like that, or if he lost or defaulted on purpose, so that he would HAVE to remain Wendy for the rest of the year. I am not even sure where to rate this on the magic or reality realm of the caption spectrum. I didn't think about it that much. I guess I'll let the readers and Wendy decide.

June is another one of those busy months, with us going to a birthday party and a graduation party this afternoon. Next week is Father's Day and then I have a birthday towards the end of the month .. then 4th of July after that! Imagine my social calendar if I was actually popular! Hope you all are busy too with fun things, but not TOO busy that you can't swing by here every other day and check out the latest captions and chat about the latest goings on.

This happened to be the scheduled caption for today, and was written before the attacks happened on Saturday night in Orlando. I hope that no one that has ever visited this blog was there last night and had to go through the terror that occurred. I do not understand bigotry in any form, whether through a religious mindset or a social construct. It is wrong either way, and in every way. May Goddess bless those affected by this senseless, unwarranted attack.

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  1. Great cap Dee!

    You definitely hit the nail on the head with some of your ideas. As soon as I read ‘If I step off the floor in the wrong pattern…’ I thought of good old Indy. And the position in photo works perfectly for hiding his ‘pleasure’, as if she’s holding her purse there to hide an unsightly bulge in her skirt.

    I took this to be in the ‘reality’ realm just because of the wardrobe and hairstyle of the model. He/she could have shaved, be wearing some falsies, and have gotten his/her hair styled. No overt makeup, no overtly shapely legs, no big breasts/cleavage, no overtly long hairstyle. Yes, I believe it’s a real woman in the photo but even her scarf thing could be covering up an Adam’s apple.

    As for Orlando…. man I just don’t know how to talk about that yet. Terrorism, LBGT, Guns, competing politics, law and order, safety…. I can’t focus it down to a single issue beyond me being overtly saddened and horrified by it. Time will make this clearer for me and I’ll eventually be able to wrap my head around it, but for now I’m just lost. My thoughts go out to the families of the lost and to the wounded, and to anybody affected by this attack.