Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy Father's Day! .. and a New DIY Challenge for June!

Sometimes Fathers do things for their Kingdom. Daughters do the same things for love!

Interestingly enough, I made another caption that would be good for Father's Day, but it was made this afternoon, and the recipient hasn't seen it yet so I will hold off for a bit until I know that Feargas has seen it. Besides, this one was traded a few weeks ago and needed to be posted here.

This is another one for Wendy, and I am ALMOST caught up now with her trades and as I am writing this, she posted yet another caption set for me! Jeez girl! Slow down! Anyway, she likes being a redhead and being a lesbian, so I figured a tale from the past might be fun to twist around. I call this caption "Wendy's Medieval Grapes of Wrath" and here is what I said when I originally posted it:
You would not be submissive to any man ... nor shall your country!  
But if a strong someone came along, one that was "made" for the opportunity, you'd certainly help him fulfill her destiny, right?
And doesn't "Dread Prince Mentia" sound bad ass? "Get out of my way, I'm Dread Prince Mentia!"

Anyway, that sort of leads us into the DIY Challenge for June, which techincally will end in July!

I left a hint in the last post when I said I was looking for some ideas, "as I'm not married to any particular ideas that I have so far.' Well, this IS June, and that is the month that most weddings take place in, at least according to the voices inside my head. This month is about weddings, and I am not supplying a picture this month. Finding an image of a bride is what YOU will have to do for the challenge. The OTHER part of the challenge is to include a quote (or quotes) from one of my favorite movies of all time, "The Princess Bride" within the caption.

So for this month, find an awesome picture of a bride and include at least one quote from "The Princess Bride" and submit it to me by Sunday night. July 3rd at midnight EST. You can either post it to my trading folder on the Haven and label it "DIY" somewhere in the title OR email it to me.

Holy shit, this is a great cover of "Black Hole Sun" from Soundgarden. What a voice!


  1. I so want to try my hand at this DIY challenge, it sounds brilliant.

    Also, loving the Father's Day caption. Hope it goes well for you!


  2. Well lots of homework to do on the D I Y i have not seen the film or read the book. Google here i come.
    If a father is changed into a mother would the princess have to buy tacky cards on mothers day and fathers day?

  3. A Wonderfull cap for a sweet girl.

    A bride and "the Princess Bride" quotes, and choose my own picture? That should be interesting.