Sunday, June 19, 2016

Giving Your Daughter Exactly What She Needs! Happy Father's Day Again!

Milk .. It does a mommy's body good! Trust me on that!

Made this one for Feargas, as I owed her a few captions, another of which you'll see later on in the week. She and her wife recently gave birth to their first child, a daughter, at the end of May. That is always a joyous time in life, and one that you will always remember. I had the basic idea for this caption, but needed THE right image to drive it home. After about 40 minutes, I was about ready to give up because I knew this could be a heartwarming caption if I could make the words match a great picture. Finally, this one came through Google Fu and I was able to find a large enough version to get right to work.

I pride myself on writing dialog; in the pacing, the banter and interaction, and mixing a playfully teasing tone with serious moments when needed. I try to give each character their own point of view and voice, and even though I usually differentiate each individual by color or italic vs plain font, I would like to believe that you could figure out which person was talking based on how and what they are saying in even a small caption.

Even though there isn't much there, I wanted to make sure the intimacy of the relationship was stressed in the caption. In the middle of the night, under the covers in the darkness of the bedroom, one is not likely to launch into soliloquies or use multi-syllable words. Short phrases and grunts work best if truth be told! I wanted the reader to be IN the bed with them, and to hopefully feel the twinge in Russell's chest when he heard his daughter cry.

Well, I like to think I did a good job in conveying these things, and luckily some of the people on the Haven agreed. My favorite review came from Jillisa, who wrote:
This is simply heartwarming. Loving, touching, happy ending, everything I want in a story. Superb caption.
Feargas and Brittany also commented on it, and I'm glad that it was pretty well received there. Hopefully it will get the same reaction here, though I definitely don't have as many fans that are into pregnancy and breast feeding on this blog. Maybe because it's Father's Day, they'll be more sentimental and want to see a "happy ending!"

On a personal note, my family had a clam boil, which I am not allowed to eat anymore, and since I didn't want to clean their grill to make veggie burgers, I settle for a wonderful Father's Day Pizza with lots of veggies from Domino's. Isn't being lazy a Father's Day tradition? For me it definitely was!

"they say the coolest players and foulest heartbreakers in the world,
god gets us back he makes us have precious little girls"
~ Nas, "Daughters" 2012


  1. Fond memories of when my oldest was young.

    1. SO glad you dropped by and made a comment. It's great to see people I don't know pop in to the blog. Same here for my daughter. I got a nipple piercing when my daughter was born so as a representation that while I couldn't "nurse" her officially, I would do all I could to provide all the other types of nourishment that humans need.

    2. Dee I've been looking in on your blog for a few months now but this posting kind of hit close to my heart. I used a supplemental nursing system (SNS) for my daughter.