Wednesday, April 20, 2016

You Are Supposed to Change Back! It's Never Failed Before!

I wonder if you KNEW some of the rules of TG captions .. or perhaps we knew them all wrong?

Made this caption for Erin91, and I hadn't made her a caption in quite some time. Thought about a twist on a standard tg caption cliche, and wanted to play with it. Right from the start, I reverse things up, with a whole, what are you STILL doing as a girl!" type line, instead of what you would likely expect a caption like this to go. Then I get the reason for the existence of this caption, the whole "if you cum as a girl, or get pregnant as a girl, .. you stay a girl forever." 

In real life, I think it would be exactly the opposite, and no matter where you fall into the TG spectrum, men and women wonder what it is like to be the opposite sex, especially when it comes to sexual relations. You just wouldn't be able to hold out for very long, unless you were quite a bit repressed or highly religious, and even then. masturbation is a venal sin at worst. You would be curious, and probably enjoy it no matter where your now female brain took you. Fantasizing about that hunky young butcher at the local meat market .. who cares when you have an earth shattering orgasm in that new body of yours. A sexual fantasy about your best friend while you are cradling your new 9 inch penis .. VOOSH! What a mess you've made all over the walls!

Which begs the question, what exactly is Damien doing with the spell in that most of his friends have used it at least once? They all seem to know about it as well, and it doesn't seem to be a big deal to them either about turning in a woman, or the other guys enjoying it too. Is it that they understand human nature, which they actually do here in this caption .. or does Damien have some sort of "fight club" type of circle of friends .. though they certainly wouldn't be fighting! Maybe each guy gets a week as a female and has lots of fun "servicing" the others, knowing that he'll have his chance with each of the other guys when he's not a woman. Perhaps a few guys can be lesbians for the week too if they wish to be. I would even venture that when one of the guys finds the love of his life, his fiance gets a chance at being a guy as well, possibly while he is in his weekly feminine state.

Sounds like a lot more fun that punching guys in the head named Bobby Bitch Tits, doesn't it?

God I love the Tubes. Wish I could've seen them live when they were in their prime in the late 70's.


  1. Maybe Aaron is a tg caption reader so he thought he knew not to cum (caption writers, you can trust us, right?) if i had the the power to change body sometimes i would be a ten year old. why don't they let adults on bouncy castles? it not fair.

  2. <3 <3 <3
    I absolutely love it when I find a caption for me on a blog. It's always such a wonderful surprise! And since you used an one of my alternate names, I didn't even realize it right away. After reading the caption, I was one my way down here to the comments section because I absolutely loved this caption, and then found out it was for me!

    Dee, this is an absolutely brilliant caption! I don't think I've ever read a caption that was set up in this way where an orgasm was the way to go back. It's especially funny because here in this community, I'm sure even if everyone here knew that if they held off for seven days they could have that body forever, they would still give in to their temptations before that.

    Absolutely great caption. I love it so much!

    1. But do you really like it? LOL Thank you so much for the kind words.

      It is always so hard to try to make sure you don't repeat yourself making captions, and since I've gotten over 2000 panels at least, it is a noble if not always obtainable goal to try to come up with something that hasn't been done. I'm usually happy with a slight twist, so when I thought of this one, I'm glad that people enjoyed it as much as I did when making it.

  3. Fantastic caption!!!!! If you could change me to look like her I'd jump ASAP and don't even think of changing me back. And yes, I want to cum as a female, I think they enjoy it much more than guys do so please, what do I have to do to become the girl of my dream like her?
    I love the panties!!!!!

  4. Hi Dee,
    I love your work!!!!!!!
    How can I get you to do one changing me into a girl? What is the best way to contact you, this way so we can discuss it? Do you want me to suggest a pic Ive seen elsewhere or you prefer to use yours? I'm open to suggestion but would love to become the girl I want to be. thanks, Zoe

    1. I'd be happy to make a caption for you, as long as your preferences aren't too out there for me to wrap my brain around.

      If you are into TG captions, you really should join Rachel's Haven, of which I am an admin. the address believe it or not, is and you could PM me there. I would say that there are THOUSANDS of captions there of all different kinds of preferences.

      Otherwise, leave an email address here in the comments. I can always delete it once I save it so that the spambots don't snag it.

  5. Hi Dee,
    There are four pics that I really love! If only I could become one of those girls I would be so happy. There are three from Ann Michelle...Sept 12 I'm Betting He didn't-my favorite! Sept 30 Not a Good Plan and Oct 28 It's a Better Uniform. And yes, the one above of yours-Apr 16 Are you supposed to Change Back. All are beautiful girls and I am into panties!!!! Can you help me? Zoe

  6. I love coming back to this cap and picture! She is so beautiful! I wouldn't mind being her too! Zoe