Monday, April 18, 2016

We Are Such Stuff As Dreams Are 'Maid' .. Will Your Wife Believe That Though?

Well, maybe your wife was bored too? 2 caption panels inside! More bang for you buck!

Made this for Lacy, aka Lacysliplover, and she loves being a cross-dressing maid. Who am I to begrudge her that solid fantasy? I've done it a few times before, and I'm sure I'll do it again. This time though I wanted to be a bit more realistic. As I wrote in her trading folder:
I saw the first photo in your trade folder and wanted to do something with it, then it expanded so I had to hunt down another picture. I wanted to get a bit more realistic this time around though than some of the other captions I've made for you .. as in how it can be hard to accept a husband's compulsion to dress pretty AND how hard it can be to actually stop if you even can. I mean, you are rich and certainly could have ordered male OR female clothing for that matter on-line and had it rush delivered.  
I had originally envisioned her installing surveillance cameras as well so she could keep an eye on him .. but I ran out of space and didn't want to wear out this captions welcome. Anyway, that is how she knew he was still dressed up, and not sick or dying or anything like that. She just expected him to find his clothes or be sick of wearing maid's outfits much quicker than he would have apparently! 
Anyway, I hope this wasn't too dark, just wanted to once again color slightly out of the lines and still deliver something I hope you'll enjoy.

 I've written before how I'm a fan of compulsions, but in this case, it isn't one that is forced upon Lacy. It's an actual part of her already, and a big reason the first panel of the caption happens as it does. I am betting that compulsions like this, and those who "suffer" through them, would love for them to go away if they could make them, as it is much tougher to live life with it .. and there are only so many accepting women out there that would understand.

I still wanted the happy ending though. I mean, who wants to read a piece of escapist fiction where they get divorced, she takes half his money, and he spends the rest of his fortune paying a dominatrix to cater to his needs? I could've gone the Belladonna route and had him be a maid for some underling in one of his businesses, where it's an accepted, "I will go along with it" ending, but I don't have the focus to write 15k words .. and why bother when Belladonna has already done it, and better than I could ever do it?

Instead, you get the Dee ending that I think everyone was rooting for, with some solid sitcom banter between Lacy and his wife, and a resolution to work things out as they go along, but with love and understanding guiding them into a new chapter of their lives together.

I also got to add a few nautical things into the second panel story that tied in with the picture. I'm guessing that Lacy's male persona likes boating or was a navy guy. Could be why he is dressed in more of a Sailor Moon maid's outfit. Still, must say that Lacy's wife has a great eye for fetish wear!

COMING SOON: A caption for Leeanne / Kaaren, another caption for Lacy, and a tribute to ZZ Top.

Who can't picture Lacy singing this song while getting to work on cleaning her mansion? Adorbs!


  1. Fun cap, but I am curious what the ending would have been if Lacy cleaned out the garage. How much further beyond the tan lines would things have gone.

  2. I am more of a home body. That way I can wear my sexy, silky lingerie and petticoats under my maid outfit for the day, each day. Dee, thanks for providing the happy ending. I would love to believe there are supportive wives who would have to have a husband be their maid. It's my fantasy.

    Loved it. Cannot wait for the next caption. I guess I need to get to work so I can be one up on you again. Looking forward to future trades.


    1. I know of some supportive wives as Sissy Kaaren and Sissy Leeanne in the left hand column links both have wives that do lots of things with them. Still, I think their wives are the exception if I know my audience the way I think I do.

      I have another caption all lined up for you. I just haven't posted it yet.