Sunday, April 17, 2016

A More than Slight Adjustment .. the Short End of the Stick!

I always knew that everyone would eventually look up to me! I'm head and shoulders above the rest!

Made this one for Wannabestuck, and it had been brewing a bit for awhile in my brain, and as I described it to her when I posted about a week ago:
I wanted to do this certain change for you over the last year or so, but it can be hard to do with pictures because it can be creepy if not done well .. and to be honest, I'd rather not do it than take a chance I didn't do it tastefully. 
However, when I saw this picture, I knew I could write something with a POV shot that would hopefully draw you (and/or the readers) into the story. I am betting that the imagination will do a much better job of filling in the blanks to your appearance than I ever could. 
Hope you enjoy! This was a Dee-licious one to write in my Dr. Mentia persona. Hope you have as much fun in receiving it.
Making AR captions can be some of the toughest ones to craft. It is so easy to let the creep factor slip in when you don't expect it to, as the last thing you want is to in any way project a sexual context onto an image that should be purely innocent. When you "borrow" images for oral sex captions, you know there was not any intent other than to be a bit artistic in showing a charged sexual act.

The POV viewpoint of the picture let itself well to what I had wanted to do, and so I was able to weave the plot to the photo and keep any potential 'ick' factor to the bare minimum, and perhaps bring the reader into the world of the caption as it was happening. In it, Dr. Mentia is talking RIGHT TO YOU! You are the one that is going to grow up again, this time as a girl. After the first sentence, your name is never referenced again, and could be ignored completely, or maybe this has been a total mistake from the beginning, where Dr. Mentia had someone else's file and did this to you in error!

And this did bring out the sinister domme Dee big time! Hoo boy did this one float my brigade! Can't say there is much more of a power trip to be had than to take a former man, shrink him down, take away his manhood and his adult thoughts, and have him become a little daughter for your secretary!

When I wrote this, I wasn't sure whether my secretary was (1) formerly another client of mine who I had changed into a she-male and hence, couldn't have a baby physically or be allowed to adopt, or (2) just a good natured female that maybe couldn't conceive and I was helping her out. I might lean towards the first one, but I do have a kind soul underneath.

One of the little touches I also enjoyed putting into the caption was Cory being hypnotized by the swaying of the heel of my shoe. It certainly is something that could distract a man that has a fetish for legs / hose with that hell just dangling there, back and forth, back and forth. Is it going to fall off or .. back and forth. back and forth! Each time he shrinks, it brings him even closer to the trigger for trance. How devious is THAT?

And for those who want a good Age Regression TG story, then check out this one from Courtney Captisa, "2 TG Age Regression Stories Bundle: For The Better!" It's only 2.99 on Amazon Kindle and it is a lot of fun to read. Pretty much standard plots, but they are so well written you can get lost in them, and you get two complete stories for less than 3 bucks. Other than the first TG Mall story she co-wrote with Haylee, it might be my favorite eBook she's put out. Be on the lookout for her site as well, which is in the blog list, as she's cautiously jumped back into captioning AND there should be an interview I did with her posted in the coming weeks!


  1. i wonder who invented stockings and high heels? unsung hero s.
    oh why has this letter from doctor Dee Mentia just arrived? please make an appointment. i wonder what thats all about?

  2. Great caption! The POV shot really does do wonders from the AR standpoint. Well executed!

  3. Glad you two liked it. Wasn't quite sure how it would go over as most people DO like to see themselves transformed in the picture, not necessarily the POV unless they are looking down at their body or looking into a mirror.