Friday, April 15, 2016

Dee Mentia .. Fashion Mogul! Plus the DIY Challenge for April!

You can wear whatever color you like, as long as it's black! Once you wear black, you never go back!

Made this caption for myself, as I saw the picture and said, "yeah, that could be me!" Just as I was posting this, I noticed a typo that made me chuckle, which I am going to fix right now. ".. wandering around the clity in plain black jeans," That is one BIG clity!"

Figured I would give some love to the place that made me what I am today .. a legend in my own mind and proprietor here at Dee-lusions of Grandeur, A bit of a Diva too. A down to earth diva, but a Diva nonetheless. One that capitalizes the word Diva as it if was part of a formal name.

And why not? Damien is very un-Diva-like. Well-dressed for me is a 3 button henley shirt with the top button or two undone, a pair of black Levi's jeans (or cargo shorts in the summer) and pair of black Sketchers Alley Cat Oxford shoes which you can see HERE. Leisure wear is usually faded jeans, a T-shirt and Chuck Taylor sneakers canvas high-tops (I own over 25 pairs). That pair of sketchers is the only pair of actual dress shoes I own, unless you count the jungle combat boots I have had for many years now.  Even the girlfriend is far from trendy. I describe her fashion sense as "Casual Lesbian Lumberjack" and it pretty much fits her dead on.

So, it was fun to picture myself being fashionable. The odd part is that I know what looks good on people, and give advice to others and it is usually accepted as "Wow, thanks. You have an eye for what looks good on me!" What looks good on me is exactly what I wear now. I look like death warmed over in a suit and tie, or even a oxford shirt and tie. So no hope for me, but if you want to look pretty, let me know and I can work my magic on YOU!


Here is the DIY Challenge for April 2016. The deadline will be Saturday Night, April 30th at midnight PST. I am calling it, "The Conditioning" and the rules for this challenge are the following:

1. The element of change for the caption will be hypnosis / subliminal programming or something that closely resembles it, This should lead to more non-magical captions that in most of my challenges, which will be the challenge.  mean, you can through some magic in there if you want, but why bother with hypno and other science things when you can just "POOF!" make them all sissy and girly? Takes away some of the fun. If you want their male organ to vanish and appear like a vagina, just make your hypno so strong that the body changes on it's own.

2. At least reference a beauty salon, make-up counter, or women's day spa in your caption. Maybe they are losing business as people buy cosmetics online, or dye their hair through Sally's Beauty Supplies so only older women are going to hair dressers. Perhaps those last bastions of unfettered old fashioned sassy house a coven of witches with a warped sense of justice. Whatever you want to do is fine, but just give a shout out of some sort to a "fetish" which lead to the creation of Fictionmania way back almost 20 years ago!

3: Want to make it a series and have more than one panel? Go for it! Find other pictures like this one and connect it to this one. The idea seems like something that could be expansive and generate more than enough story for multiple panels. One is fine, but more than one is completely acceptable! Just make sure that ONE of you panels has the Challenge picture used in it.

Easy peasy, don't you think? Get to it everyone! This should be a cake walk! Remember, if you haven't made a caption before, I will place your story in the setting above if you place it in the comment section of "Latest DIY" underneath my banner up top. Anyone creating their own should either post it to my caption trading folder on the Haven, or email it to me. I can give you my email address if you don't already have it by request.

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  1. Well black is so easy to coordinate and so slimming. plus i think i am a bit old for my tie dye rave ware now.