Saturday, March 26, 2016

Green Eggs and Easter Ham?!? Happy Easter Everyone!

This just might be the bender to end all benders EVER!

Wanted to make up for a few days where I didn't really post anything, so here is something I whipped up tonight for the holiday of Easter. I wasn't planning on making one, but when I saw this picture, the idea of a drunken bender from St. Patrick's Day through to Easter seemed like a great idea for a TG caption .. mostly due to her being dressed in a short blue-green dress with ruffles.

So, without much more than that to go on, I put it in a caption setting and went to work, extracting the story from my head and immediately putting it into the caption. Sean / Sara seemed like a nice Irish name, and it is short too, so it would fit in dialog very easily. Tying the food from St Patty's Day to the Easter dinner seemed like a good parallel between the holidays too.

It is such playful dialog too, and you wonder how much is truth and what was imagined. I mean, licking all the snakes in Ireland? That has to be some sort of sexual innuendo, right? Plus following a rainbow path? Maybe her mind got Irish traditions mixed together with the Wizard of Oz?

The last two paragraphs needed to be worked out a bit, as I came to a bit of a dead end. How could I actually end this caption, and make it all seem  what's the word I'm looking for .. coherent? Well, I sort of mixed metaphors by crossing the Easter Bunny with the March Hare .. who is quite mad during breeding season, as told by Alice in Wonderland. From there, it certainly tied in nicely with the next major holiday on the calendar, Administrative Assistants Day .. I mean, Mother's Day.

To all those who celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful Easter filled with family and friends. This year we are having a really small gathering consisting of my daughter, my girlfriend and myself heading out to a local chain restaurant, since our initial extended family plans fell apart. Not a problem though as I always enjoy and cherish the time we can spend together .. before we get on each other's nerves! Then we can just go home and take a nap!

This was a blog exclusive, so please let me know what you think of the caption. Also, we are still taking votes on which caption version you like better for the posting that went up on Friday. Make your feelings known there too!

Interesting that before I made this caption, I was listening to a bunch of Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood duets. Considering the first few lines of this song, "I wake up Sunday morning, with my mind all in a haze. Tear stains on my pillow, and make-up on my face." Wondering if the song sort of influenced the caption I was writing subconsciously.

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  1. Lovely cap, most thing you explained in your post I got from the cap itself. The Wizard of Oz part was the only thing I didn't get from it. I was thinking more along the lines of Bifröst, the rainbow bridge. Probably because I was watching 'Vikings' before I came here.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter so far, and wish you a happy one for the remaining part.