Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dee's Top 10 (or so) Favorite Captions of 2015! Part One!

It's Dee's annual retro-specticus of captioning divinity!

I wanted to go through all my captions that I made in 2014, and pick out my favorite TEN captions of the year, and possibly explain WHY I liked them so much. Time often gives us a bit of perspective and maybe a few fell between the cracks and I like them more now than when I made them. Others were favorites of mine from the get go! There are no captions from December 2015 as its too early for me to say if they were some of the best of the year. We shall see how my favorites lined up with yours! Let me know if I missed a really good one!

There is no real particular order to these Top 10 since I'm just going to grab them as I go along.

This might just be the ultimate emotionally touching caption I've ever created. I wept as I was writing it, wept when I posted it, and yeah, I cried again this year when I linked back to it this year. Although I knew I had something like this in me, I had no idea how I could get something like this into a caption, but the proof is right there on the digital page. The write up it worth it too if you want to go back, as I talk about a friend that inspired the caption.

This was also a holiday caption, but for Thanksgiving. I am fond of having protagonists that are smart and can roll with the punches, and this one just hits the spot. I mean, calling her transition to womanhood, "roto-scurvy" so that her parents will be ok with it just puts a big smile on my face, and I got to write for a different sort of clueless character, people I know well, which was oodles of fun!

This gets chosen mostly because it has a hell of a photo in it, plus I pulled just about every cliche and aphorism involving an "ass" that I could think up that fit into this scenario. This is a great power struggle in an office setting, one of my favorite areas for transformations, and you can bet your ass on that, sunshine!

A visually striking image, and some realistic dialog between friends, make me love this caption just as much as when I made it back in August. It also has a positive story to it, of discovering your roots and choosing a path in life that is right for you, with which you can fulfill your destiny. I didn't havea  great year, so it is nice to see that I could still be cheerful overall in my captions.

I can't say that I didn't bring the evil characters around this year though. This might be the most demonic and twisted transformed character I've ever made, which was a match made in hell with his mother .. well, they certainly are twins now! All that, and it was inspired by a question someone had posted to wufoo for me to answer, and set myself a total of 30 minutes to complete the entire thing. You can reread what I wrote about this caption HERE.

Well, there is the first five, and some honorable mentions below that I dug, but probably weren't in the Top 10 for some reason.

I think this one speaks for itself. Sometimes I have a power trip when I'm using Photoshop!

I love the picture, and I love the subject matter and I remember middle school during "the movie"!!!

This is a caption I never would've done 5 years ago. About the worst case scenario of wish gone wrong EVER! In a book format, it would be a horror novel. Here, it is so much more cute!

And the last one for now.I just love the way I wrote the justification of each level of feminine compulsions, all believable .. and it just goes so well with the model and her pose.

Let me know what you think so far. Have a favorite I haven't mentioned yet? Tell us about it .. perhaps it will make the next post!

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  1. I really liked the first one! Very touching as described!