Thursday, December 17, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Fuck Off, eh?

Something's amiss? Oh, it's you!

Figured I would post something today. Wasn't feeling anything new so I have this little throwback caption from 2010 or so for you. I mean, when was the last time I posted a gothy girl?

Sort of liked the whole idea of the recipient of a feminization curse fights back to his detriment and makes it even worse. If he'd stopped awhile back, things would've been so much easier for him, BUT he just can't help himself!

It's sort of a reverse compulsion, in that he true nature keeps making him do something he knows he shouldn't. Many of us are really stubborn though and won't give up without a fight!


Holy Hell, has Wednesday night into Thursday become a slow blog day! Page hits fell right off a cliff. Thankfully Helena and Ian were around to make comments. To me, every comment is like 1-2000 page views so I'm grateful to them for consistently making some noise here!

This might be the last "normal" caption before Christmas Day. I have a half day from work tomorrow (and a long weekend to boot!) and when I get home, I'm going to map out the next week here on the blog. I think I have enough holiday captions to get me to December 25. I have Christmas captions on the way for Sissy Kaaren, Leeanne, Ian and maybe other visitors as well! Stay tuned!

Ugh! Having to post a Guitar Hero video version of a song I want to highlight is pissing me off!


  1. Dee....I had no idea you were making "normal captions" too!
    Honestly I know what you mean about comments and the lack of them...I try to rely on page hits to see what my sweet readers enjoy but that doesn't always work.
    I know I'm amiss in commenting here as well and it's only because sometimes I'm just a lazy sissy who deserves a good spanking!!!!

    Oh and I love the whole concert of this post...the curse just keeps getting worse until he, oops, until she learns her lesson!!!!
    I can't wait to see what you have in store for me....


  2. love the concept of this caption.
    Always enjoy adding a comment i know what you mean it is good to get feed back a chat even a tick in the little box it makes so much difference.
    i only have a half day to work to and then on holiday till after Christmas, great no 5-30 alarm.

  3. Fun cap. I would love to see what happend to Kira in the past years. Would she have given in, or would she still put up a fight.

    What can I say, I always love to make a little noise. ;)
    for some other noise, maybe Korn's live performance of Freak On A Leash at Rock am Ring in 2000 can soothe the pain a bit