Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Moonchild Fully Grown Up!

As winter solstice approaches, magical things are afoot!

Such is this tale that completely got away from me, but in a very good way.

As per what I wrote in the original posting to Jezebel's trading folder:
I'll make mention of it in my blog posting, but I am quite happy at how this turned out, and I hope that you also feel the same. Over the last few weeks, I've been writing more empowering type captions, without many willing recipients to receive them! It is why i am glad to have Havenites like you and Simone to be there when my muse takes me in a different direction. 
I hope that this caption finds you and your family in great spirits during this often trying time of year.
Well, here is the blog post that will elaborate a bit more on the differences between what I wished to write, and ended up in Jinny's folder.

First off, I had an idea for a caption that I emailed to myself the other day whilst thinking about the upcoming winter solstice The idea was that somehow a man was cursed to be a female whenever daylight stopped. At dawn, he would return to his maleness. Initially he took it to be a horrible fate, and after saving up some money, he bought a home in the Arctic Circle and one in Australia so that he could live in perpetual sunlight, and never have to face being female if he could help it.

Then, over time, he'd come to the realization that a part of him wasn't being fulfilled and he would embrace the feminine nature of his being, and from then on, he'd celebrate with small vacations to both dwellings and fulfill that part of him that was missing.

I was trying to draw a bit of the whole "binge/purge" aspect that many cross-dressers and TG fans go through .. perhaps it was a bit too subtle, but perhaps you saw it when reading that synopsis. . I still might do something with it, but my image search did not pan out for what I had in mind. What exactly would I use for a photo? A girl in the outback? An Eskimo woman? I mostly struck out, although this picture almost worked well enough.

I originally worried about copyright issues, but I gacked it from a yoga website, which I'm sure they took from some other place .. so don't blame me for lack of accreditation!

But from this picture, I decided to look up moonlight pictures, and it was then that I found the source photo that ended up in the caption. I thought of Jinny right away, as she tends to like being mystical fae in captions .. and then I fudged that idea a bit to make it about a curse that had lasted generations in her family. To me, it was an epic image, and it needed an epic type story to be placed upon it.

I also wanted to give the picture enough space to breathe. I mapped out beforehand how I wanted the flow of text to go, in comic book style, and lead your eyes to each segment of the image. Looking at it now, about 12 hours after I made it, I wonder if I should have made the text a bit more gray, so that it might blend in better with the background yet still be readable. I am not sure that I could remove anything else without the story suffering. It is pretty bare bones and archetypal, though I still tried to be as descriptive as I could. It is up to you, the readers, to tell if I succeeded or not.

And since I titled it "A Moonchild Fully Grown Up!" why not listen to some Iron Maiden?!?


  1. I do like your nice captions but don't tell anyone. i hope nice is not catching, must resist!
    must resist !
    i like the perpetual sun light idea but i would make him a goth with a sun tan, would he pick the curse or goth hell?

  2. Lovely caption.
    To be honest, this reads like Jinny's and Wendy's muses got together and have you make a Dee style cap.