Sunday, December 6, 2015

It's SO Not Fair! No, I Am NOT Jealous, Bro!

Well, I would be if I was you!

Made this for Ron, and I figured I owed him a few captions. Very easy preferences though, and as I wrote in the initial posting, ".. this picture just spoke out your name, probably because I saw your name right in the advertisement. Who wouldn't be jealous though? I mean, you can tell that older sis was quite the wind beneath your wings, so to speak!"

I'd like to think that there is a happy ending for everyone here .. in that Mama Big Tits Spaghetti sauce is a big hit. Sometimes it just pays to have old world parents. A few herbs and spices here, throw in a spell or two, and VIOLA! A business model that works!

Until today, I was a bit worried about having some new Christmas captions here when that magical time arrived. I had only one caption that dealt with Winter Solstice and one that that was sort of Christmas flavored. However, I caught some Christmas spirit (the lack of stupid songs in stores has really helped me out big time!) and made two today, one starring Leeanne, and one starring St. Nick! It didn't hurt that I dug up a few photos that worked well with my imagination.

Actually I just made another one while typing this up. It's a Christmas Miracle! Well, it is also pretty tasteless, but what do you expect? I always appear on BOTH of Santa's lists.

So when do we start seeing them? Well, I think we might do every night from the 21st (solstice) through Christmas Eve or Night depending on how many I whip up. Last year, I wrote poignant captions; this year, they are much more cheesy, naughtier and tacky. Maybe a sweet one will slip through, but it is all down to how I'm feeling, and right now I'm pretty damn frisky!

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  For those who had sisters, cousins, aunts, or other family members dress you up .. did you pretend you didn't like it? or did they discover you and helped you out? How much cajoling  did they have to do, or did you have to do, to get them to go along? For those that didn't, did you wish to hell that you DID have a relative to do this for you? or was/is that too uncomfortable a personal thing to share with anyone? To everyone,  how would you have used this picture to make a TG caption if you had no preferences to have to include?

Google is getting worse about actual videos put on Blogger. I really might have to rethink the whole tying in a video that relates to my captions going forward into the new year. Not sure what else I could do though. Any ideas about this mini-crisis?

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  1. love your version i think i would have made him a reluctant porn star (s)he has just won a woody and rather upset that he was forced to be a famous shemale star.
    i can't help you with the dressing question it never happened to me.
    i have not had a problem so far with utube not that i post a lot of stuff but i like to find live version so maybe they can't block them?