Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sports Fans Aren't TOO Superstitious, Are They? Panthers, Not Cougars!

.. and the answer is, "Who brings a friggin' goat to a World Series baseball game?"

Seems to be the second caption in a row that I've made using a cheerleader picture source .. though I haven't posted the first one here yet. Stay Tuned! Anyway, I was thinking about how only one team in the NFL is undefeated so far, the Carolina Panthers, and it looks like they could go 16-0 in the regular season. Why are they doing so well? It's obvious that some of their fans are doing whatever it takes to keep them from losing, of course!

Most of us have weird sports superstitions. Some have lucky shirts that they won't wash until they lose. Certain foods served at a party need to be eaten in the right order.

For me, I never watch any field goal attempts in real time, even though the Pats have been blessed with 2 incredible kickers in the last 15 years. It goes back to the Super Bowl in 2002 where the Pats had the ball with 6 seconds and a field goal would win it. I couldn't believe that they were that close to finally winning BUT I had so much heartache before with Boston teams, like Buckner et al that I couldn't bear to see him miss. I ended up in the next room awaiting either cheers or groans. Once the cheers came, I ran back out into the party and we all went ballistic. Ever since, I've avoided all kicks, because it worked back then, and I can't prove it, but the Pats seem to win every game that comes down to a last second field goal, or at least each one to get the New England into overtime.

So, it totally would make sense to me that these two would have thought that they'd have discovered something that works, week in and week out. It wasn't Cam Newton's ability to stretch out plays, or their suffocating defense .. nope, it was them being women that did it! I even got in on the fun by blaming myself for the Patriots loss. Hell, I've blamed my GF for coming home as a reason .. they were playing so well when she was shopping .. GO BACK OUT UNTIL THE GAME IS OVER!

So I had to post this today, as the really cliche saying goes, "any given Sunday" one team can beat another. Also, since I referenced the Pats-Broncos game, it sort of loses it's relevance if I posted this 3 weeks later. I mean, I just wrote a caption mentioning Winter Solstice, so I am going to wait for that to actual occur in 2 weeks. This one seems to be a moment in time, which is RIGHT NOW! I am not going to be offended by people who say this caption isn't "timeless" as it obviously deals in the now!

At this point, all the sports haters are all, "so, um .. there's 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back!" Fair enough, but I would say, "just offer to dress up like a sissy for any reason you want to!" Nothing stopping you from betting on the Swan when you and your wife go see Swan Lake. "Dammit! I swear I thought it would have gotten away this time! Where's the butt plug sweetie? How about double or nothing on Javert finally catching the one armed man?"

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Any superstitions that you follow? How silly are they but you still do them to this day? Most likely it wouldn't be sports related anyway. Would they possibly make good TG captions?


  1. Cool sports/TG cap Dee! I'd imagine that if becoming a woman would help out my team that I'd just have to 'suck it up' and do it. The only 'superstition' I have is an old Michigan pillow that decorates the living room. If I'm watching the game and Michigan scores (or the defense gets an important stop), the pillow is passed around and everyone has to either preferably hug it, or at least hold it and give it a good scratch. This obviously didn't MAKE the score happen, but it helps make future scoring possible. I first did that when Michigan beat Penn State in the last seconds (I think this was back in 2005). I've tried replacing the pillow twice, both years were horrible and I therefore still have the ratty old pillow sitting on the back of the couch.

    Thankfully this year there has been many pillow hugs!

    1. Glad you brought your pillow up. I bet that many people think it's a weird thing, but to me, it is perfectly reasonable. Better to KEEP doing it, than to tempt fate and stop!

  2. I see that Dee has been looking at my photos on Facebook again; that is me on the left. We we are 11-0, about to be 12-0 after we beat the 'Aints' today. Go Panthers!!

    1. That is the perfect way to think about it, one week at a time. Grumblelord Belichick approves!

  3. Great cap,
    I don't have a sports superstition, maybe that is because I am more into sports like Formula 1, speed skating, swimming basically sports that are based on the individual performances of an athlete. I don't know if it is just me, or if the sports themselves are not suitable for superstitions for supporters, even though several athletes are known for little rituals, to superstition.